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Augustus De Morgan

Fecha de nacimiento: 27. Junio 1806
Fecha de muerte: 18. Marzo 1871

Augustus De Morgan [1]​ fue un matemático y lógico británico nacido en la India. Profesor de matemáticas en el University College de Londres entre 1828 y 1866; y primer presidente de la Sociedad Matemática de Londres. Conocido por formular las llamadas leyes de De Morgan, en su memoria, y establecer un concepto riguroso del procedimiento, inducción matemática.[2]​ Wikipedia

Frases Augustus De Morgan

„Yo no escuché lo que dijo, pero estoy totalmente de acuerdo con usted.“

—  Augustus De Morgan

Atribuida a Augustus De Morgan.
Fuente: Citado en: August Stern (1994). El cerebro cuántico: Teoría e implicaciones. North-Holland/Elsevier. pág. 7

„El poder movilizador de la invención matemática no es el razonamiento, sino la imaginación.“

—  Augustus De Morgan

Fuente: Citado en Robert Perceval Graves: La vida de Sir William Rowan Hamilton Vol. 3 (1889) pág. 219.

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„In order to see the difference which exists between… studies,—for instance, history and geometry, it will be useful to ask how we come by knowledge in each. Suppose, for example, we feel certain of a fact related in history… if we apply the notions of evidence which every-day experience justifies us in entertaining, we feel that the improbability of the contrary compels us to take refuge in the belief of the fact; and, if we allow that there is still a possibility of its falsehood, it is because this supposition does not involve absolute absurdity, but only extreme improbability.
In mathematics the case is wholly different… and the difference consists in this—that, instead of showing the contrary of the proposition asserted to be only improbable, it proves it at once to be absurd and impossible. This is done by showing that the contrary of the proposition which is asserted is in direct contradiction to some extremely evident fact, of the truth of which our eyes and hands convince us. In geometry, of the principles alluded to, those which are most commonly used are—
I. If a magnitude is divided into parts, the whole is greater than either of those parts.
II. Two straight lines cannot inclose a space.
III. Through one point only one straight line can be drawn, which never meets another straight line, or which is parallel to it.
It is on such principles as these that the whole of geometry is founded, and the demonstration of every proposition consists in proving the contrary of it to be inconsistent with one of these.“

—  Augustus De Morgan

Fuente: On the Study and Difficulties of Mathematics (1831), Ch. I.

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