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Fortunato Depero

Fecha de nacimiento: 30. Marzo 1892
Fecha de muerte: 29. Noviembre 1960


Fortunato Depero was an Italian futurist painter, writer, sculptor and graphic designer.

Frases Fortunato Depero

„The art of the future will be largely advertising.“

— Fortunato Depero
Context: The art of the future will be largely advertising. that bold and unimpeachable lesson I have learned from museums and great works from the past— all art for centuries past has been marked by advertising purposes: the exaltation of the warrior, the saint; documentation of deeds, ceremonies, and historical personages depicted at their victories, with their symbols, in the regalia of command and splendor— even their highest products were simultaneously meant to glorify something: architecture, royal palaces, thrones, drapery, halberds, standards, heraldry and arms of every sort— there is scarcely an ancient work that doesn’t have advertising motifs, a garland with a trophy, with weapons of war and victory, all stamped with seals and the original symbols of clans, all with the self-celebrating freedom of ultra-advertising Depero (1931) "Futurism and Adverticing Art"; Partly quoted in: Jonathon Keats, "[ Fortunato Depero's Italian Futurism],", 2009/06/08

„We will find abstract equivalents for all the forms and elements of the universe, and then well will combine them according to the caprice of our inspiration,“

— Fortunato Depero
Context: We Futurists, Balla and Depero, seek to realize this total fusion in order to reconstruct the universe by making it more joyful, in other words by an integral re-creation. 'We will give skeleton and flesh to the invisible, the impalpable, the imponderable and the imperceptible. We will find abstract equivalents for all the forms and elements of the universe, and then well will combine them according to the caprice of our inspiration, to shape plastic complexes which we will set in motion. [ The Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe] Manifesto with Giacomo Balla, in: Direzione del Movimento Futurista, March 11, 1915. Translation by Caroline Tisdall, 1973.


„Futurism attracted me and made me better, gave me a new strength, showed me new fields and possibilities.“

— Fortunato Depero
p. 14; Cited in: Maurizio Scudiero, ‎David Leiber, ‎Fortunato Depero (1986) Depero futurista & New York: il futurismo e l'arte pubblicitaria, p. 112

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