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John Heywood

Fecha de nacimiento: 1497
Fecha de muerte: 1580


John Heywood was an English writer known for his plays, poems, and collection of proverbs. Although he is best known as a playwright, he was also active as a musician and composer, though no musical works survive.

Frases John Heywood


„Who hopeth in Gods helpe, his helpe can not starte:
Nothing is impossible to a willyng hart,
And will maie wyn my herte, herein to consent,
To take all thinges as it cometh, and be content.“

— John Heywood
Who hopes in God's help, his help can not start: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, And will may win my heart, herein to consent, To take all things as it comes, and be content. Part I, chapter 4.


„Rome was not built in one daie (quoth he) and yet stood
Till it was finist, as some say, full faire.“

— John Heywood
Rome was not built in one day, said he, and yet stood Till it was finished, as some say, full fair. Part I, chapter 11.


„Ka me, ka the, one good tourne askth an other.“

— John Heywood
Serve me, serve thee, one good turn asks another. Part I, chapter 11.

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