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Stanley Lombardo

Fecha de nacimiento: 1943

Stanley F. "Stan" Lombardo is an American Classicist, and former professor of Classics at the University of Kansas.

He is best known for his translations of the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aeneid . The style of his translations is a more vernacular one, emphasizing conversational English rather than the formal tone of some older American English translations of classical verse. Lombardo designs his translations to be performed orally, as they were in ancient Greece. He also performs the poems, and has recorded them as audio books. In performance he also likes to play the drums, much like Ezra Pound. Wikipedia

Frases Stanley Lombardo

„Don't try to cut any deals with me, Hector.
Do lions make peace treaties with men?
Do wolves and lambs agree to get along?“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Book XXII, lines 287–289; spoken by Achilles.
Translations, Iliad (1997)

„There's no way to get around the mind of Zeus.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Theogony, line 617
Translations, Works and Days and Theogony (1993)

deathless Aphrodite.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Frag. 1
Translations, Sappho's Poems and Fragments (2002)

„We know how to tell many believable lies,
But also, when we want to, how to speak the plain truth.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Theogony, lines 28–29
Translations, Works and Days and Theogony (1993)

„Whoever escapes marriage
And women's harm, comes to deadly old age
Without any son to support him.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Theogony, lines 607–609
Translations, Works and Days and Theogony (1993)

„I have borne what no man
Who has walked this earth has ever yet borne.
I have kissed the hand of the man who killed my son.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Book XXIV, lines 541–543; Priam to Achilles.
Translations, Iliad (1997)

„The moon has set,
And the Pleiades.
The hour has gone by.
I sleep alone.“

—  Stanley Lombardo

Frag. 72
Translations, Sappho's Poems and Fragments (2002)

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