„I need someone physically stronger than me…. I am always on top. It's really unfortunate. I am begging for the man that can put me on the bottom. Or the woman. Anybody that can take me down.“

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Angelina Jolie Foto
Angelina Jolie13
actriz estadounidense 1975

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Marianne von Werefkin Foto

„I am more a man than a woman. Only the need to please and compassion turn me into a woman. I am not a man, I am not a woman, I am I.“

—  Marianne von Werefkin expressionist painter 1860 - 1938

written in her Journal, 1905
Quote of Werefkin's Journal, 1905; in Briefe an einen Unbekannten, ed. Clemens Weiler, Cologne: Verlag M. DuMont, 1960, p. 50
1895 - 1905

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Jean Paul Sartre Foto
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Thomas Browne Foto
Maya Angelou Foto
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Albert Einstein Foto

„The physicists say that I am a mathematician, and the mathematicians say that I am a physicist. I am a completely isolated man and though everybody knows me, there are very few people who really know me.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

Statement recorded in the diary of his companion Johanna Fantova, quoted at the end of the New York Times story "From Companion's Lost Diary, A Portrait of Einstein in Old Age" http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/24/nyregion/from-companion-s-lost-diary-a-portrait-of-einstein-in-old-age.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm by Dennis Overbye (24 April 2004)
Attributed in posthumous publications

Martin Luther King, Jr. Foto
William Shakespeare Foto
Chinua Achebe Foto

„Nobody can teach me who I am.“

—  Chinua Achebe Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic 1930 - 2013

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon Foto

„I am a woman: tell me not of fame.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

A History of the Lyre
The Venetian Bracelet (1829)

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