„I advocate glamour. Everyday. Every minute" "Glamour above all things.“

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Dita Von Teese7
actriz estadounidense 1972

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„Short on glamour and long on tragedy.“

—  Quentin Reynolds American journalist and war correspondent 1902 - 1965
Describing World War II in his autobiography, By Quentin Reynolds (1963).

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„Glamour is just sex that got civilized.“

—  Dorothy Lamour American actress and singer 1914 - 1996
From the book What Women Want, what every man needs to know about, sex, romance, pleasure and passion page 180, the lover she wants.http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=syR2Y2eMkKQC&pg=PA180&lpg=PA180&dq=glamour+is+just+sex+that+got+civilized&source=web&ots=Zyz5rmcKGh&sig=Zob1STyBmS8vQFUwgTKIc8rf3Ww&hl=en

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„Yes, I'm a homosexual and I like to shock people with glamour.“

—  Rufus Wainwright American-Canadian singer-songwriter and composer 1973
Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does Judy! Judy! Judy!: Live from the London Palladium DVD, filmed February 25, 2007

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„There is a real world, but it is beyond this glamour and this vision, beyond these 'chases in Arras, dreams in a career,' beyond them all as beyond a veil.“

—  Arthur Machen Welsh author and mystic 1863 - 1947
Context: You see the mountain, and hill following after hill, as wave on wave, you see the woods and orchard, the fields of ripe corn, and the meadows reaching to the reed-beds by the river. You see me standing here beside you, and hear my voice; but I tell you that all these things — yes, from that star that has just shone out in the sky to the solid ground beneath our feet — I say that all these are but dreams and shadows; the shadows that hide the real world from our eyes. There is a real world, but it is beyond this glamour and this vision, beyond these 'chases in Arras, dreams in a career,' beyond them all as beyond a veil. I do not know whether any human being has ever lifted that veil; but I do know, Clarke, that you and I shall see it lifted this very night from before another's eyes. You may think this all strange nonsense; it may be strange, but it is true, and the ancients knew what lifting the veil means. They called it seeing the god Pan. Ch. I : The Experiment

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„I'm not a part of the glamour industry. I would like to focus on my game, and there are minimal chances of me getting into films.“

—  Sania Mirza Indian tennis player 1986
In: Ekta Yadav Bhopal's adulation has energised me: Sania Mirza http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/tennis/interviews/Bhopals-adulation-has-energised-me-Sania-Mirza/articleshow/24608895.cms The Times of India, 24 October 2013

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