„People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.“

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Andrew Carnegie9
empresario y filántropo estadounidense 1835 - 1919

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„It doesn't matter how motivated students are; what matters is how students are motivated“

—  Alfie Kohn American author and lecturer 1957

"The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation," Chronicle of Higher Education

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„One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, question other people's motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans-- anything except reason.“

—  Thomas Sowell American economist, social theorist, political philosopher and author 1930

Random Thoughts http://townhall.com/columnists/ThomasSowell/2007/09/03/random_thoughts?page=full&comments=true, Sep 03, 2007

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„It doesn't matter who you sleep with, it's how you treat other people in this world.“

—  Amber Benson actress from the United States 1977

Amber Benson - Interview at Madame Tussaud's - 10 December, 2003 http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/buffy/interviews/benson2003/printpage.html

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„Talent works for money and fame; the motive which moves genius to productivity is, on the other hand, less easy to determine.“

—  Arthur Schopenhauer, libro Parerga y paralipómena

Vol. 2 "On Philosophy and the Intellect" as translated in Essays and Aphorisms (1970), as translated by R. J. Hollingdale
Parerga and Paralipomena (1851), Counsels and Maxims
Contexto: Talent works for money and fame; the motive which moves genius to productivity is, on the other hand, less easy to determine. It isn’t money, for genius seldom gets any. It isn’t fame: fame is too uncertain and, more closely considered, of too little worth. Nor is it strictly for its own pleasure, for the great exertion involved almost outweighs the pleasure. It is rather an instinct of a unique sort by virtue of which the individual possessed of genius is impelled to express what he has seen and felt in enduring works without being conscious of any further motivation. It takes place, by and large, with the same sort of necessity as a tree brings forth fruit, and demands of the world no more than a soil on which the individual can flourish.

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„I will content myself, Mr. Speaker, with those principal motives to union; first, that we are in the rapids and must go on;“

—  Thomas D'Arcy McGee Canadian politician 1825 - 1868

Legislative Assembly, February 9, 1865
Contexto: I will content myself, Mr. Speaker, with those principal motives to union; first, that we are in the rapids and must go on; next that our neighbours will not, on their side, let us rest supinely, even if we could do so from other causes; and thirdly, that by making the united colonies more valuable as an ally to Great Britain, we shall strengthen rather than weaken the imperial connection. (Cheers.)

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„Some people belong entirely to others … They have not a day, not an hour to call their own, so completely do they give themselves to others. This is true even in matters of understanding. Some people know everything for others and nothing for themselves.“

—  Baltasar Gracián, libro Oráculo manual y arte de prudencia

Otros todos son ajenos, que la necedad siempre va por demasías, y aquí infeliz: no tienen día, ni aun hora suya, con tal exceso de ajenos, que alguno fue llamado “el de todos”.
Aun en el entendimiento, que para todos saben y para sí ignoran.
Maxim 252
The Art of Worldly Wisdom (1647)

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„Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than those who are most content.“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Knocked Out Loaded (1986), Brownsville Girl (with Sam Shepard)

„Most people learn to save themselves by artificially limiting the content of consciousness.“

—  Thomas Ligotti American horror author 1953

Fuente: The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror

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„The people must defend themselves, but they must not sacrifice themselves.“

—  Salvador Allende Chilean physician and politician 1908 - 1973

Final address (1973)
Contexto: The people must defend themselves, but they must not sacrifice themselves. The people must not let themselves be destroyed or riddled with bullets, but they cannot be humiliated either.
Workers of my country, I have faith in Chile and its destiny. Other men will overcome this dark and bitter moment when treason seeks to prevail. Keep in mind that, much sooner than later, great avenues will again be opened, through which will pass the free man, to construct a better society.
Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the workers!
These are my last words, and I am certain that my sacrifice will not be in vain, I am certain that, at the very least, it will be a moral lesson that will punish felony, cowardice, and treason.

Fred Allen Foto

„Sullivan will be successful as long as other people have talent.“

—  Fred Allen comedian 1894 - 1956

As quoted in Always On Sunday. Ed Sullivan: An Inside View (1968) by Michael David Harris; reproduced in "Sunday Marks Ed Sullivan's 20th Anniversary on TV," https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/82860831/ The San Antonio Express (June 16, 1968), p. 117

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