„The great authors were great readers, and one way to understand them is to read the books they read.“

Fuente: How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

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1902 - 2001

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„In a sense, one can never read the book that the author originally wrote, and one can never read the same book twice.“

—  Edmund Wilson American writer, literary and social critic, and noted man of letters 1895 - 1972

The Triple Thinkers (1938) [Oxford University Press, 1948], Preface, p. ix

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„I must lay down the law as I understand it, and as I read it in books of authority.“

—  John Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge British lawyer, judge and Liberal politician 1820 - 1894

1 Cababe & Ellis' Q. B. D. Rep. 136.
Reg. v. Ramsey (1883)

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„We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.“

—  B.F. Skinner American behaviorist 1904 - 1990

As quoted in B. F. Skinner : The Man and His Ideas (1968) by Richard Isadore Evans, p. 73.
Contexto: We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading. Knowing the contents of a few works of literature is a trivial achievement. Being inclined to go on reading is a great achievement.

„Good writing has an aliveness that keeps the reader reading from one paragraph to the next, and it's not a question of gimmicks to "personalize" the author.“

—  William Zinsser writer, editor, journalist, literary critic, professor 1922 - 2015

Fuente: On Writing Well (Fifth Edition, orig. pub. 1976), Chapter 1, The Transaction, p. 6.

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