„I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.“

—  Lou Holtz

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„They can't ignore us, and they can't put us down. Thank God for the Internet, or we wouldn't know anything, and we would already be a fascist state.“

—  Cindy Sheehan American antiwar activist 1957

media conference call http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/215159/cindy-sheenan-without-internet-u-s-would-be-fascist-state/byron-york, August 11, 2005.

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„When the Son of God comes to rescue us and bring us back to God, He does not find in us the ability to believe.“

—  Richard Baxter English Puritan church leader, poet, and hymn-writer 1615 - 1691

The Saints' Everlasting Rest (1650), "The Nature of the Saints' Rest"

„Do you believe in God?
I, I believe in nothing but God!“

—  Frederick Franck Dutch painter 1909 - 2006

Fuente: Echoes from the Bottomless Well (1985), p. 65

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