„I am interested primarily in the vast field of experience and sensation which neither literature nor a purely plastic art deals with.“

—  Edward Hopper, 1911 - 1940, Letter to Charles Sawyer of Addison Gallery of Art October 19 , 1939
Edward Hopper Foto
Edward Hopper
pintor del realismo americano 1882 - 1967

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Piet Mondrian Foto

„A particular thought is not the same as a concentrated, creative thought, which is actually a feeling of inward-looking calm. The former produces a descriptive and morpho-plastic art, the latter a purely plastic manifestation. It is a question of the universal versus the individual.“

—  Piet Mondrian Peintre Néerlandais 1872 - 1944
1920's, Mondrian refers to André Gide's 'Dada', in 'Nouvelle Revue Francaise', 1 April 1920 As quoted by the editors of 'The New Art – The New Life', op. cit. (Intro., note 1), p. 395, note 8

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Foto
Eric Hoffer Foto
Benjamin Jowett Foto

„Logic is neither a science nor an art, but a dodge.“

—  Benjamin Jowett Theologian, classical scholar, and academic administrator 1817 - 1893

„My interest is in experience that is wordless and silent, and in the fact that this experience can be expressed for me in art work which is also wordless and silent.“

—  Agnes Martin American artist 1912 - 2004
1970's, In 'On a Clear Day', 1973; as quoted by Julie Warchol on website Smith College Museum of Art https://www.smith.edu/artmuseum/Collections/Cunningham-Center/Blog-paper-people/Agnes-Martin-On-a-Clear-Day,

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Foto
Kenzaburō Ōe Foto
Peter Paul Rubens Foto

„I have neither time to live nor to write. I am therefore cheating my art by stealing a few evening hours to write this most inadequate and negligent reply to the courteous and elegant letters of yours.“

—  Peter Paul Rubens Flemish painter 1577 - 1640
1625 - 1640, In a letter to his friend Peiresc, Dec. 1634 - LPPR, 393; as quoted by Simon Schrama, in Rembrandt's eyes, Alfred A. Knopf - Borzoi Books, New York 1999, p. 403 At a speed which was daunting even for someone of his facility, Rubens was asked to supply the designs for four stages and five triumphal arches in the city Antwerp. Though he could rely on his scholarly friends for help with the allegorical program and his workshop for assistance in fabricating them, he still became 'overburdened' with the work

Piet Mondrian Foto
Piet Mondrian Foto
Democritus Foto

„Neither art nor wisdom may be attained without learning.“

—  Democritus Ancient Greek philosopher, pupil of Leucippus, founder of the atomic theory
Source Book in Ancient Philosophy (1907)

Taraneh Javanbakht Foto

„Science, philosophy, literature and art do not have any value if the ones who are active in these fields keep silence about the executions.“

—  Taraneh Javanbakht Iranian scientist, faculty, poet, translator, playwright and writer 1974
Source: Gooyanews website, 2015 http://news.gooya.com/politics/archives/2016/03/209463.php

Guillaume Apollinaire Foto

„Geometry is to the plastic arts what grammar is to the art of the writer.“

—  Guillaume Apollinaire French poet 1880 - 1918
La géométrie est aux arts plastiques ce que la grammaire est à l'art de l'écrivain. Les peintres cubistes (1913), reprinted in Oeuvres en prose complètes (Paris: Gallimard, 1991) vol. 2, p. 11; translation from Lionel Abel (trans.) The Cubist Painters (New York: Wittenborn, 1949) p. 13.

Jean Metzinger Foto
Pablo Picasso Foto

„For me, art has neither past nor future. All I have ever made was for the present.“

—  Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973
Attributed from posthumous publications, Quote in "Picasso", Hans L. C. Jaffe, Thames and Hudson Ltd

Joseph Joubert Foto
Wendy Doniger Foto
Robert Henri Foto

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“