„Beautiful Delilah, dressed in the latest style
Swingin' like a pendulum, walkin' down the aisle
Deep romantic eyes, speak so low in miles
Maybe she will settle down and marry after a while“

"Beautiful Delilah" (1958)
Song lyrics

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Chuck Berry Foto
Chuck Berry8
compositor, intérprete y guitarrista de rock and roll 1926 - 2017

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David Levithan Foto
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William Makepeace Thackeray Foto

„This I set down as a positive truth. A woman with fair opportunities, and without a positive hump, may marry whom she likes.“

—  William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair

Vol. I, ch. 4. Compare: "I should like to see any kind of a man, distinguishable from a gorilla, that some good and even pretty woman could not shape a husband out of", Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., The Professor at the Breakfast Table; "The whole world is strewn with snares, traps, gins and pitfalls for the capture of men by women", Bernard Shaw, Epistle Dedicatory to Man and Superman.
Fuente: Vanity Fair (1847–1848)

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„I’m out here a thousand miles from my home
Walkin' a road other men have gone down
I'm seein' your world of people and things
Your paupers and peasants and princes and kings“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Bob Dylan (1962), Song to Woody

Cat Stevens Foto

„Well I rode a while, for a mile or so
Down the road to the 18th Avenue
And the people I saw were the people I know
And they all came down to take a view“

—  Cat Stevens British singer-songwriter 1948

18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)
Song lyrics, Catch Bull at Four (1972)

Homér Foto

„So here the twins were laid low at Aeneas' hands,
down they crashed like lofty pine trees axed.“

—  Homér, Ilíada

V. 559–560 (tr. Robert Fagles).
Iliad (c. 750 BC)
Original: (el) Τοίω τὼ χείρεσσιν ὑπ' Αἰνείαο δαμέντε
καππεσέτην, ἐλάτῃσιν ἐοικότες ὑψηλῇσι.

Jani Allan Foto

„Dressing with style is akin to issuing a manifesto; dressing fashionably is like signing a petition.“

—  Jani Allan South African columnist and broadcaster 1952


Jeph Loeb Foto

„Deep down, Clark's essentially a good person… and deep down, I'm not“

—  Jeph Loeb writer 1958

Fuente: Batman: Hush, Vol. 1

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Courtney Love Foto

„Sister ectoplasma she's incredulous
Just like a pro she takes off her dress
And she kicks you down in her snow white pumps
Just remember it was me who found the lumps“

—  Courtney Love American punk singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and artist 1964

"Mrs. Jones"
Song lyrics, Pretty on the Inside (1991)

Michael Chabon Foto

„In the immemorial style of young men under pressure, they decided to lie down for a while and waste time.“

—  Michael Chabon, libro The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Fuente: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Foto

„His head was so beautiful. I tried to hold the top of his head down, maybe I could keep it in… but I knew he was dead.“

—  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis public figure, First Lady to 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy 1929 - 1994

The "Camelot" interview (29 November 1963)

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