„The guy has been there. What he tells us is not just what he believes deep down, but what he knows, because he has been through it.“

—  Larry Bird

Chris Mullin — reported in John Brennan (May 30, 1999) "Pacers: Timing Is On Our Side", The Record, p. S1.

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Larry Bird15
baloncestista de Estados Unidos 1956

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Oswald Chambers Foto

„Have you been asking God what He is going to do? He will never tell you. God does not tell you what He is going to do; He reveals to you Who He is.“

—  Oswald Chambers British missionary 1874 - 1917

Fuente: My Utmost for His Highest: Selections for the Year

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Novalis Foto

„What has passed with him since then he does not disclose to us. He tells us that we ourselves, led on by him and our own desire, will discover what has passed with him.“

—  Novalis German poet and writer 1772 - 1801

Pupils at Sais (1799)
Contexto: What has passed with him since then he does not disclose to us. He tells us that we ourselves, led on by him and our own desire, will discover what has passed with him. Many of us have withdrawn from him. They returned to their parents, and learned trades. Some have been sent out by him, we know not whither; he selected them. Of these, some have been but a short time there, others longer. One was still a child; scarcely was he come, when our Teacher was for passing him any more instruction. This child had large dark eyes with azure ground, his skin shone like lilies, and his locks like light little clouds when it is growing evening. His voice pierced through all our hearts; willingly would we have given him our flowers, stones, pens, all we had. He smiled with an infinite earnestness; and we had a strange delight beside him. One day he will come again, said our Teacher, and then our lessons end. — Along with him he sent one, for whom we had often been sorry. Always sad he looked; he had been long years here; nothing would succeed with him; when we sought crystals or flowers, he seldom found. He saw dimly at a distance; to lay down variegated rows skilfully he had no power. He was so apt to break everything. Yet none had such eagerness, such pleasure in hearing and listening. At last, — it was before that Child came into our circle, — he all at once grew cheerful and expert. One day he had gone out sad; he did not return, and the night came on. We were very anxious for him; suddenly, as the morning dawned, we heard his voice in a neighbouring grove. He was singing a high, joyful song; we were all surprised; the Teacher looked to the East, such a look as I shall never see in him again. The singer soon came forth to us, and brought, with unspeakable blessedness on his face, a simple-looking little stone, of singular shape. The Teacher took it in his hand, and kissed him long; then looked at us with wet eyes, and laid this little stone on an empty space, which lay in the midst of other stones, just where, like radii, many rows of them met together.

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„He will let you down, because that's what he does. That's who he is.“

—  Jenny Han American writer 1980

Fuente: We'll Always Have Summer

Clint Eastwood Foto

„He just made my day. What a guy.“

—  Clint Eastwood actor and director from the United States 1930

Mitt Romney on Eastwood's endorsement of him in the 2012 United States presidential election.
Source: Access Hollywood. http://www.accesshollywood.com/clint-eastwood-endorses-mitt-romney-for-president_article_68090

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„Because he has the best equipment in the City and he knows how to use it!“

—  Ilona Andrews American husband-and-wife novelist duo

Fuente: Magic Bleeds

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Robert Ley Foto
Christopher Reeve Foto

„What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.“

—  Christopher Reeve actor, director, producer, screenwriter 1952 - 2004

As quoted in Celebrities in Hell (2002) by Warren Allen Smith, p. 98

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