„She [Chantal] did not understand him [Fiodor]. She never could and never would understand him, being as invulnerable in her truthfulness as he in his falseness. And yet, she hated him unconsciously with a jealous hatred — for what other name, alas, could be given to that revolt of her pure conscience, so well armed and, at the same time, so defenceless? She hated him instinctively as though he already possessed the incomparable secret with which to menace her, to menace God Himself.“

Fuente: La joie (Joy) 1929, pp.48–49

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Georges Bernanos Foto
Georges Bernanos11
escritor francés 1888 - 1948

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„He could tell by the quality of her silence that she did not believe him, but if there was an advantage to being emperor, it was that she could not call him a liar to his face.“

—  Sarah Monette, libro The Goblin Emperor

Fuente: The Goblin Emperor (2014), Chapter 31, "A Conspiracy Unearthed" (p. 434)

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Fuente: The Lost Duke of Wyndham

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