„Mistrust is the most necessary characteristic of the Chess player.“

—  Siegbert Tarrasch, libro The Game of Chess

The Game of Chess (1931), Pt. 2 : The End Game, p. 79

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Siegbert Tarrasch Foto
Siegbert Tarrasch6
ajedrecista alemán 1862 - 1934

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foto

„I'm a chess player; I play chess.“

—  Floyd Mayweather Jr. American boxer 1977

2010s, 2015, Interview with Jim Gray (September 2015)

Marcel Duchamp Foto
Anne Brontë Foto

„Chess-players are so unsociable, they are no company for any but themselves.“

—  Anne Brontë, libro La inquilina de Wildfell Hall

Fuente: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), Ch. XXXIII : Two Evenings; Helen to Walter

Algis Budrys Foto

„You know, even more than playing chess, I dislike dealing with self-righteous chess players.“

—  Algis Budrys, libro Michaelmas

Fuente: Michaelmas (1977), Chapter 7 (p. 98)

Edgar Allan Poe Foto
Nikolai Krylenko Foto
William Golding Foto
Paul Morphy Foto

„Genius is a starry word; but if there ever was a chess player to whom that attribute applied, it was Paul Morphy.“

—  Paul Morphy American chess player 1837 - 1884

Andrew Soltis (in Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess, New York, 1977)

S. S. Van Dine Foto
Garry Kasparov Foto
Edgar Allan Poe Foto

„There is then no analogy whatever between the operations of the Chess-Player, and those of the calculating machine of Mr. Babbage, and if we choose to call the former a pure machine we must be prepared to admit that it is, beyond all comparison, the most wonderful of the inventions of mankind.“

—  Edgar Allan Poe American author, poet, editor and literary critic 1809 - 1849

Poe stating his arguments that Maelzel's Chess-Player was a hoax. Maelzel's Chess-Player http://www.eapoe.org/works/essays/maelzel.htm, Southern Literary Journal (April 1836).

Paul Morphy Foto

„It [chess] is not only the most delightful and scientific, but the most moral of amusements.“

—  Paul Morphy American chess player 1837 - 1884

As quoted in Testimonials to Paul Morphy: Presented at University Hall, New York, May 25, 1859

G. H. Hardy Foto
Anil Kumble Foto
Emanuel Lasker Foto

„Put two players against each other who both have perfect technique, who both avoid weaknesses, and what is left?—a sorry caricature of chess.“

—  Emanuel Lasker German World Chess Champion and grandmaster, contract bridge player, mathematician, and philosopher 1868 - 1941

Fuente: [Andrew Soltis, Soltis, Andy, The Great Chess Tournaments and Their Stories, 133, New York 1927 • The End of Chess?, 1975, Chilton Book Company, 0-8019-6138-6]

Zygmunt Vetulani Foto
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Garry Kasparov Foto
Victor Villaseñor Foto

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