„Sometimes life played with him, sometimes it hung on him like a stone round the neck of a drowned man.“

Mijaíl Shólojov Foto
Mijaíl Shólojov
1905 - 1984

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 Sophocles Foto

„No man loves life like him that's growing old.“

—  Sophocles ancient Greek tragedian -496 - -406 a.C.
Acrisius, fragment 64.

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Elizabeth Gilbert Foto
David Thomas (born 1813) Foto
Mitch Albom Foto
Jack London Foto

„Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.“

—  Jack London American author, journalist, and social activist 1876 - 1916
As quoted in Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior (1991) by Dan Millman, p. 78 Life’s not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well. As quoted in "They Came to Write in Hawai‘i" by Joseph Theroux, in Spirit of Aloha (March/April 2007) <!-- DEAD LINK http://www.spiritofaloha.com/features/0307/writehawaii.html -->

E.M. Forster Foto
John Mayer Foto

„Sometimes it feels like my life is just one long day.“

—  John Mayer guitarist and singer/songwriter 1977
On rediscovering his huge collection of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan posters he had as a teenager Mayer, John (October 4, 2007). "Proof" http://blog.honeyee.com/john/archives/2006/10/04/index.html Honeyee.com. Retrieved September 4, 2007

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Prem Rawat Foto

„Question: Is life as difficult as it sometimes seems to be?“

—  Prem Rawat controversial spiritual leader 1957
Answer: Life is a tide; float on it. Go down with it and go up with it, but be detached. Then it is not difficult. Fernbank, London, England February, 1972

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