„If a robin can sing like that for a worm surely I can work like a father for my good wife and my four fine children!“

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The Complete Story: A New Biography on the Apostle of Faith By Julian Wilson http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=e2RWZpOHfmoC|Wigglesworth:

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Smith Wigglesworth8
1859 - 1947

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„You can certainly argue that, philosophically, that is not your father. That is a replica, but I can actually make a strong case that it would be more like my father than my father would be, were he to live.“

—  Ray Kurzweil Author, scientist, inventor, and futurist 1948

Futurist Ray Kurweil Bring Dead Father Back to Life http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/futurist-ray-kurzweil-bring-dead-father-back-life/story?id14267712 (2011)

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„I can sing in my brain…I sing in my brain all the time. It’s not quite the same as doing it physically. There’s a physical feeling in singing that’s just like skiing down a hill. Except better, because I’m not a very good skier.“

—  Linda Ronstadt American pop singer 1946

On how she still sings in her head since retiring from music due to having Parkinson’s disease in “Linda Ronstadt Talks Illness, ‘Trio’ Album in Candid ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Interview” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/linda-ronstadt-cbs-sunday-morning-interview-789524/ in Rolling Stone (2019 Feb 4)

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„I know I can still play, but it's like I told my wife, I'm just tired mentally. I'm just tired“

—  Brett Favre former American football quarterback 1969


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„Family, my wife and children, that's my reason for being.“

—  Seal (musician) British singer-songwriter 1963

On his album System, as quoted in "Seal" profile at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (CBS) (4 December 2007) http://alpha.cbs.com/specials/victorias_secret_2007/seal.php
Contexto: Family, my wife and children, that's my reason for being. Everything is done with them in mind, so perhaps that's the reason this new album is up-tempo. It does feel like a celebration of life. I am finally in a content and happy place to the point where I feel like I need to sing about it. It's made me want to address things that are close to home.

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„What I like about playing America is you can be pretty sure you're not going to get hit with a full can of beer when you're singing and I really enjoy that!“

—  Joe Strummer British musician, singer, actor and songwriter 1952 - 2002

Interview with Howard Petruziello for the New York Hangover on March 2000 Petruziello, Howard, Drinking with Joe Strummer, New York Hangover, 2000, March http://www.nyhangover.com/issues/0300/text/Strummer300.htm,

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„I want to become a sweet wife, like when my husband comes back home from work, I want to encourage him kindly and warmly.“

—  Satomi Ishihara Japanese actress 1986

Satomi Ishihara, " http://www.tokyohive.com/article/2013/06/ishihara-satomi-talks-about-her-view-on-marriage"

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