„Too much counterpoint; what is worse, Protestant counterpoint.“

—  Thomas Beecham, Of J. S. Bach; quoted by Neville Cardus, Guardian, 8 March 1971
Thomas Beecham Foto
Thomas Beecham
1879 - 1961

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„Too much company is worse than none.“

—  James Burgh British politician 1714 - 1775

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„Jack considered: there were worse things that could happen than him dying. Of course, there were much better things, too.“

—  Adam Roberts British writer known for speculative fiction and parody novels; literature and writing academic 1965
Part 1, “In the Box” (p. 75).

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„What if it's boring... or if it's not boring, it might be too revealing, or worse, it might be too revealing and still be boring.“

—  Lily Tomlin American actress, comedian, writer, and producer 1939
Referring to her teenage diary, in an interview in Movie magazine (July 1983)

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„Things are different from what I thought. They’re much worse.“

—  Fritz Leiber American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction 1910 - 1992
Chapter 20 (p. 209).

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„The dignity of truth is lost
With much protesting.“

—  Ben Jonson English writer 1572 - 1637
Catiline His Conspiracy (1611), Act III, scene ii

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