„I am the unknown Will,
The Anger that threatens glory and ruin:
Lord of Storms am I,
in heaven high and caverns deep.
I am the Father of the War,
Odin for you, Wotan for him,
Wayfarer, Wanderer, beggar, king,
numen, genius, strength and ring.“

Invocation of the Nordic god Odin, from "Invocations and Oracles", Germanic Appendices, Volume V of the Teutoburg Saga, as quoted in advance posting (30 September 2014) https://m.facebook.com/ArturBalderWeb/photos/a.328905527173875.77327.224962374234858/757576457640111/?type=1

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Artur Balder Foto
Artur Balder6
director de cine y escritor norteamericano de origen español 1974

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Gregory of Nazianzus Foto
T.S. Eliot Foto
Brandon Sanderson Foto
Propertius Foto

„I am climbing a difficult road; but the glory gives me strength.“

—  Propertius Latin elegiac poet -47 - -14 a.C.

IV. 10. 3
Original: (la) Magnum iter ascendo; sed dat mihi gloria vires

Neville Goddard Foto
Robert E. Howard Foto
Rutherford B. Hayes Foto

„I am a freeman and jolly as a beggar.“

—  Rutherford B. Hayes American politician, 19th President of the United States (in office from 1877 to 1881) 1822 - 1893

On retiring as governor of Ohio, in a letter to William Johnston (7 January 1872)
Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1922 - 1926)

Bill Cosby Foto

„YOU are a genius!… and I am a genius because I married you.“

—  Bill Cosby American actor, comedian, author, producer, musician, activist 1937

William Shakespeare Foto
Horatio Nelson Foto

„My greatest happiness is to serve my gracious King and Country and I am envious only of glory; for if it be a sin to covet glory I am the most offending soul alive.“

—  Horatio Nelson Royal Navy Admiral 1758 - 1805

Letter to his mistress, Lady Hamilton (1800) [citation needed]; derived from "But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive." by William Shakespeare, in Henry V

Nicholas Roerich Foto

„I am — your Bliss
I am — your Smile
I am — your Joy
I am — your Rest
I am — your Strength
I am — your Valor
I am — your Wisdom“

—  Nicholas Roerich Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, enlightener, philosopher 1874 - 1947

Leaves Of Morya's Garden (1924 - 1925), Book I : The Call (1924)

Sylvia Plath Foto

„I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am.“

—  Sylvia Plath, libro La campana de cristal

Variante: I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am.
Fuente: The Bell Jar (1963), Ch. 20

Denise Levertov Foto

„Lord, not you,
it is I who am absent.“

—  Denise Levertov Poet 1923 - 1997

A Door in the Hive (1989), Flickering Mind

Henry James Foto
Julia Caroline Dorr Foto

„Aspirations pure and high —
Strength to do and to endure —
Heir of all the Ages, I —
Lo! I am no longer poor!“

—  Julia Caroline Dorr American writer 1825 - 1913

Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 455.

Bertrand Russell Foto
Alfred, Lord Tennyson Foto
Arthur C. Clarke Foto

„I am the King.“

—  Arthur C. Clarke, libro The Fountains of Paradise

Ah, but which king? The monarch who had stood on these granite flagstones — scarcely worn then, eighteen hundred years ago — was probably an able and intelligent man; but he failed to conceive that the time could ever come when he would fade into an anonymity as deep as that of his humblest subjects.
Fuente: 1970s, The Fountains of Paradise (1979), Ch. 11 “The Silent Princess”, p. 65

Babak Khorramdin Foto

„Perhaps I shall survive, perhaps not. I have been known as the commander. Wherever I am present or am mentioned, I am the king.“

—  Babak Khorramdin Persian revolutionary 798 - 838

Babak Khorramdin's letter to his son, rejecting the caliph’s amnesty message, quoted by Al-Tabari, cited in "BĀBAK ḴORRAMI" at Encyclopaedia Iranica http://www.iranicaonline.org/articles/babak-korrami

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