„Big deal. Death always went with the territory. See you in Disneyland.“

Statement to reporters after his death sentences, taken from The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jun/07/richard-ramirez-night-stalker-dies

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Richard Ramírez Foto
Richard Ramírez5
biografía, asesino serial 1960 - 2013

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Megan Mullally Foto

„Looking out from death you will always see
Those whom all your life you ought not to see“

—  Duo Duo Poet 1951

"Looking Out from Death" (1983), p. 51
The Boy who Catches Wasps (2002)

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark Foto

„You can cycle through town and nobody shouts, "look, it's the Princess" – they are used to seeing us. Some people come up and say hello and that's fine. It's no big deal.“

—  Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark Crown Princess of Denmark 1972

On royal life, 'Courtesies and curtsies: what it takes to interview Princess 'Maz, Interview with DailyLife.com.au http://www.dailylife.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/courtesies-and-curtsies-what-it-takes-to-interview-princess-maz-20131011-2vcro.html (11 October 2013)

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Foto
Kōki Hirota Foto

„As you can see, I'm in good health. I have no message; just tell them, please, that I went to my death quietly and in good health.“

—  Kōki Hirota Japanese politician executed 1878 - 1948

Quoted in "War Criminal: The Life and Death of Hirota Koki" - Page 296 - by Saburō Shiroyama - 1977.

Richard Siken Foto
Phil Brooks Foto

„I don't know if you guys know this but I'm sort of a big deal.“

—  Phil Brooks American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist 1978

Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South

Greg Giraldo Foto

„Hamilton, you're like a walking tumor. Not exactly; it's a big deal when you spot a tumor.“

—  Greg Giraldo American comedian 1965 - 2010

David Hasslehoff Comedy Central Roast (2010)

Mitch Albom Foto

„It’s not contagious, you know. Death is as natural as life. It’s part of the deal we made.“

—  Mitch Albom, Martes con mi viejo profesor

Fuente: Tuesdays with Morrie

Ali Larijani Foto

„It seems that in the world of politics, lying is not such a big deal.“

—  Ali Larijani Iranian philosopher, politician 1958

If the European Countries Impose Sanctions, They Will Be More Harmed than Us; If You Toy with Our National Pride, You Will Face a Firm Response http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/1029.htm Feb. 2006.
Lying in politics

„Put on your big girl pants and deal.“

—  Jessica Bird U.S. novelist 1969

Variante: Pull up your big girl panties and just do it.
Fuente: Lover Avenged

Larry Wall Foto

„One operator is no big deal. That can be fixed in a jiffy.“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954

[199809151814.LAA22396@wall.org, 1998]
Usenet postings, 1998

Bernie Sanders Foto

„In my view, and we've introduced legislation to deal with this, if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.“

—  Bernie Sanders American politician, senator for Vermont 1941

2016 Presidential Campaign Rally in Madison, Wisconsin, (1 July 2015) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OewBDIwy-O4 at 43:00
2010s, 2015

„Before you can see the Light, you have to deal with the darkness.“

—  Dan Millman American self help writer 1946

Fuente: Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior

Harry V. Jaffa Foto
Nora Roberts Foto
Antonin Scalia Foto

„It seems to me that the more Christian a country is the less likely it is to regard the death penalty as immoral. Abolition has taken its firmest hold in post-Christian Europe, and has least support in the church-going United States. I attribute that to the fact that, for the believing Christian, death is no big deal. Intentionally killing an innocent person is a big deal: it is a grave sin, which causes one to lose his soul. But losing this life, in exchange for the next? The Christian attitude is reflected in the words Robert Bolt’s play has Thomas More saying to the headsman: 'Friend, be not afraid of your office. You send me to God.'“

—  Antonin Scalia former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1936 - 2016

For the nonbeliever, on the other hand, to deprive a man of his life is to end his existence.
God’s Justice and Ours https://web.archive.org/web/20120311230630/http://www.firstthings.com/article/2007/01/gods-justice-and-ours-32, 123 First Things 17. (May 2002). Adapted from remarks given at Pew Forum Conference on Religion, politics and death penalty.

„Every big wave rider can tell you of his narrow escapes from death.“

—  Bob Pike (surfer) Australian surfer 1940 - 1999

“With Your Whole Heart Jumping”

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