„Logical positivism was progressive compared with the classical positivism of Ptolemy, Hume, d'Alembert, Compte, John Stuart Mill, and Ernst Mach. It was even more so by comparison with its contemporary rivals—, and existentialism. However, neo-positivism failed dismally to give a faithful account of science, whether natural or social. It failed because it remained anchored to sense-data and to a phenomenalist metaphysics, overrated the power of induction and underrated that of hypothesis, and denounced realism and materialism as metaphysical nonsense. Although it has never been practiced consistently in the advanced natural sciences and has been criticized by many philosophers, notably Popper (1959 [1935], 1963), logical positivism remains the tacit philosophy of many scientists. Regrettably, the anti-positivism fashionable in the metatheory of social science is often nothing but an excuse for sloppiness and wild speculation.“

—  Mario Bunge, Mario Bunge (1996). Finding Philosophy in Social Science. Yale University Press. p. 317.
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Mario Bunge 1919

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„In the penultimate decade of the twentieth century science is sufficiently advanced to resolve the puzzles that stymied scientists in the last century and demonstrate, without metaphysical speculation, the consistency of evolution in all realms of experience. It is now possible to advance a general evolution theory based on unitary and mutually consistent concepts derived from the empirical sciences.“

—  Ervin László Hungarian musician and philosopher 1932
p. 21 as cited in: Kingsley L. Dennis (2003) An evolutionary paradigm of social systems : An Application of Ervin Laszlo's General. Evolutionary Systems Theory to the Internet http://quigley.mab.ms/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/An-Evolutionary-Paradigm-of-Social-Systems-MA-Thesis.pdf.

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