„Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out.“

—  Thomas Wolsey, Attributed to Cardinal Wolsey by columnist George Will, a line that he says was "uttered about Henry VIII", as quoted in William A. Henry In Defense of Elitism (Anchor Books, 1995), p. 45.
Thomas Wolsey Foto
Thomas Wolsey
1471 - 1530

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Pat Murphy Foto
Oprah Winfrey Foto

„Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.“

—  Oprah Winfrey American businesswoman, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist 1954

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Booker T. Washington Foto

„The world cares very little what you or I know, but it does care a great deal about what you or I do.“

—  Booker T. Washington African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor 1856 - 1915
Address to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Boston, Massachusetts (30 July 1903), printed in "Account of the Boston Riot," Boston Globe (31 July 1903) http://web.archive.org/20071031084056/www.historycooperative.org/btw/Vol.7/html/235.html

René Guénon Foto

„Metaphysics, because it opens out a limitless vista of possibilities, must take care never to lose sight of the inexpressible, which indeed constitutes its very essence.“

—  René Guénon French metaphysician 1886 - 1951
Introduction générale à l'étude des doctrines hindoues (Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines) (1921)

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 Anastacia Foto

„I'm not that deep, I'm not that mysterious. Don't try to figure me out. I'm a very open book. What you see is what you get.“

—  Anastacia American singer-songwriter 1968
p. 18 Dues Paid, Anastacia reapproches to U.S. https://books.google.it/books?id=Ug8EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA18, Billboard, June 1, 2002.

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Patrick White Foto
E. W. Howe Foto

„To want your own way is a very bad habit, for you will never get it.“

—  E. W. Howe Novelist, magazine and newspaper editor 1853 - 1937
Country Town Sayings (1911), p32.

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