„And on this last day of the century, I promise Israel that it will see more suicide attacks, for we will write our history with blood.“

Speech at a Hezbollah rally in Beirut. December 31, 1999.
Quote, 1990s
Fuente: Bruns International http://www.unb.ca/web/bruns/9900/issue14/intnews/israel.html / Associated Press.

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„This negation of our existence, and the omitting of our stories and histories, is one of the reasons I write — I write to exist. We cannot escape our past; our past determines what choices we make for the future. It determines how we act, how we see ourselves…“

—  Isabel Quintero

On the absence of people of color in her school curriculums in “‘My Writing is My Activism’: An Interview with Isabel Quintero” https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/my-writing-is-my-activism-an-interview-with-isabel-quintero/ in Los Angeles Review of Books (2017 Feb 1)

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„The ink of scholars (used in writing) is weighed on the Day of Judgement with the blood of martyrs and the ink of scholars outweighs the blood of martyrs.“

—  Muhammad Arabian religious leader and the founder of Islam 570 - 632

As quoted in Al-Jaami' al-Saghîr by Imam al-Suyuti, where it is declared a "weak Hadith".
Variant translations:
The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr.
The Islamic Review, Vol. 22 (1934), p. 105, edited by Khwajah Kamal al-Din
The ink of scholars will be weighed in the scale with the blood of martyrs.
As quoted in Knowledge of God in Classical Sufism: Foundations of Islamic Mystical Theology (2004) by John Renard
Sunni Hadith

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„Wit lasts no more than two centuries.“

—  Stendhal French writer 1783 - 1842

Le même esprit ne dure que deux cents ans.
Letter to Honoré de Balzac (30 October 1840)

„The day when Israel was founded created the basis for our problems.“

—  Ahmed Sheikh Palestinian journalist 1949

Fuente: World Politics Watch http://www.worldpoliticswatch.com/article.aspx?id=395, 7 December 2006.

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„I see the carnage that NAFTA has caused, I see the carnage. It's been horrible. … It's a suicidal pact for our country. And you know I've watched for years.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

2010s, 2016, August, Speech at rally in Wilmington, North Carolina (August 9, 2016)

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