„A feather will weigh down a scale when there is nothing in the opposite one.“

—  Thomas Malthus, Principles of Political Economy, Principles of Political Economy (Second Edition 1836), Book II, Chapter I, On the Progress of Wealth, Section V, p. 355
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Thomas Malthus6
científico inglés 1766 - 1834

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„“Checking” is a scale. When you weigh things on the scale called “Checking,” you will gain knowledge of most things you did not know before.“

—  Jung Myung Seok South Korean Leader of New Religious Movement, Poet, Author, Founder of Wolmyeongdong Center 1945
Extracted from Proverbs Blog https://providencepath.wordpress.com/2016/05/18/jung-myung-seok-checking-is-a-scale/

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Henry Hawkins, 1st Baron Brampton Foto
James Russell Lowell Foto

„In the scales of the destinies brawn will never weigh so much as brain.“

—  James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat 1819 - 1891
On Democracy (6 October 1884), Context: In the scales of the destinies brawn will never weigh so much as brain. Our healing is not in the storm or in the whirlwind, it is not in monarchies, or aristocracies, or democracies, but will be revealed by the still small voice that speaks to the conscience and the heart, prompting us to a wider and wiser humanity.

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„Beat all your feathers as flat down as pancakes.“

—  Thomas Middleton, The Roaring Girl
The Roaring Girl (co-written with Thomas Dekker, 1611), Act i. Sc. 1.

 Homér Foto

„Jove weighs affairs of earth in dubious scales,
And the good suffers, while the bad prevails.“

—  Homér, Odisea
Odyssey (c. 725 BC), Ζεὺς δ' αὐτὸς νέμει ὄλβον Ὀλύμπιος ἀνθρώποισιν, ἐσθλοῖσ' ἠδὲ κακοῖσιν, ὅπως ἐθέλῃσιν, ἑκάστῳ. VI. 188 (tr. Alexander Pope).

„Dreams weigh nothing. - Marie Antoinette“

—  Kathryn Lasky, Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria - France, 1769

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„…and we're weighed down by a crappy implementation language“

—  Eric S. Raymond American computer programmer, author, and advocate for the open source movement 1957
C++ emacs-devel http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2007-12/msg01268.html

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„Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret.“

—  Jean De La Fontaine French poet, fabulist and writer. 1621 - 1695
Fables (1668–1679), Rien ne pèse tant qu'un secret. Book VIII (1678-1679), fable 6.

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“