„We believe that the developing crisis in the capitalist system, by which we mean both economic stagnation, and the social and political conflicts to which it gives rise, makes it possible to think in terms of developing a sizeable and serious revolutionary socialist party in a way that was not possible 20 or even 10 years ago.“

—  Anthony Crosland, The Times (8 September 1977).
Anthony Crosland Foto
Anthony Crosland
político británico 1918 - 1977

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Tigran Sargsyan Foto

„We cannot develop unless we enjoy both internal and external freedom: even the freedom of thinking about freedom.“

—  Tigran Sargsyan Economist, politician 1960
2010, Speech (11 December 2010), at official site of the Government of the Republic of Armenia http://www.gov.am/en/speeches/1/item/3114/

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„Above all, we [the Italian Futurist painters] continue and develop the divisionist principle, but we are not engaged in Divisionism [developed by Seurat and Signac ]. We apply an instinctive complementarism which is not, for us, an acquired technique, but rather a way of seeing things.“

—  Luigi Russolo Electronic music pioneer and Futurist painter 1885 - 1947
undated quotes, Quote of Russolo in: Le Futurisme: Création et avant-garde, Giovanni Lista, 2001; as cited in Futurism, ed. By Didier Ottinger; Centre Pompidou / 5 Continents Editions, Milan, 2008, p. 47.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Foto

„Only as we live, think, feel, and work outside the home, do we become humanly developed, civilized, socialized.“

—  Charlotte Perkins Gilman American feminist, writer, commercial artist, lecturer and social reformer 1860 - 1935
Women and Economics (1898), Ch. 10.

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