„Power shows the man.“

As quoted by Diogenes Laërtius, i. 77.

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Jack London Foto

„Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past.“

—  Jack London American author, journalist, and social activist 1876 - 1916

Variante: Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past.

John Milton Foto

„The childhood shows the man,
As morning shows the day.“

—  John Milton English epic poet 1608 - 1674

Fuente: Paradise Regained by John Milton

John Ruskin Foto

„The law showed what man ought to be. Christ showed what man is, and what God is.“

—  William Paton Mackay Scottish clergyman 1839 - 1885

Fuente: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 375.

„Speech is the best show a man puts on.“

—  Benjamin Lee Whorf American linguist 1897 - 1941

Fuente: Language, thought and reality (1956), p. 249.

Theognis of Megara Foto

„Wine is wont to show the mind of man.“

—  Theognis of Megara Greek lyric poet active in approximately the sixth century BC -570 - -485 a.C.

Fuente: Elegies, Line 500.

Charles Darwin Foto

„Great is the power of steady misrepresentation; but the history of science shows that fortunately this power does not long endure.“

—  Charles Darwin, libro El origen de las especies

Fuente: On the Origin of Species (1859), chapter XV: "Recapitulation and Conclusion", page 421 http://darwin-online.org.uk/content/frameset?pageseq=449&itemID=F391&viewtype=image, in the sixth (1872) edition

James A. Garfield Foto

„The possession of great powers, no doubt, carries with it a contempt for mere external show.“

—  James A. Garfield American politician, 20th President of the United States (in office in 1881) 1831 - 1881

“Life and Character of Almeda A. Booth”, Memorial address at Hiram College, (22 June 1876), in President Garfield and Education : Hiram College Memorial (1881) by B. A. Hinsdale, p. 420 http://books.google.com/books?id=rA4XAAAAYAAJ

James Russell Lowell Foto

„Talent is that which is in a man's power; genius is that in whose power a man is.“

—  James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat 1819 - 1891

Literary Essays, vol. II (1870–1890), Rousseau and the Sentimentalists

Alvin C. York Foto

„Sir, it is not man power. A higher power than man power guided and watched over me and told me what to do.“

—  Alvin C. York United States Army Medal of Honor recipient 1887 - 1964

Addendum to the account of 8 October 1918.
Contexto: After the Armistice was signed, I was ordered to go back to the scene of my fight with the machine guns. General Lindsey and some other generals went with me.
We went over the ground carefully. The officers spent a right smart amount of time examining the hill and the trenches where the machine guns were, and measuring and discussing everything.
And then General Lindsey asked me to describe the fight to him. And I did. And then he asked me to march him out just like I marched the German major out, over the same ground and back to the American lines.
Our general was very popular. He was a natural born fighter and he could swear just as awful as he could fight. He could swear most awful bad.
And when I marched him back to our old lines he said to me, "York, how did you do it?" And I answered him, "Sir, it is not man power. A higher power than man power guided and watched over me and told me what to do." And the general bowed his head and put his hand on my shoulder and solemnly said, "York, you are right."
There can be no doubt in the world of the fact of the divine power being in that. No other power under heaven could bring a man out of a place like that. Men were killed on both sides of me; and I was the biggest and the most exposed of all. Over thirty machine guns were maintaining rapid fire at me, point-blank from a range of about twenty-five yards.

Matthew Arnold Foto

„For the creation of a masterwork of literature two powers must concur, the power of the man and the power of the moment, and the man is not enough without the moment.“

—  Matthew Arnold English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools 1822 - 1888

The Functions of Criticism at the Present Time (1864)

„A child shows his toy, a man hides his.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

El niño muestra su juguete, el hombre lo esconde.
Voces (1943)

Katherine Paterson Foto
Thomas Edison Foto

„Restlessness is discontent — and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man — and I will show you a failure.“

—  Thomas Edison American inventor and businessman 1847 - 1931

The Diary and Sundry Observations of Thomas Alva Edison (1948), p. 110.
Date unknown

„No man is powerful as long as power is his need.“

—  Guy Finley American self-help writer, philosopher, and spiritual teacher, and former professional songwriter and musician 1949

The Secret of Letting Go

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David D. Friedman Foto
Ludwig Feuerbach Foto

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