„People like Truffaut, Lelouch and Godard are like little kids playing at being revolutionaries. I've passed through this stage.“

Polanski : His Life and Films (1982)
Contexto: People like Truffaut, Lelouch and Godard are like little kids playing at being revolutionaries. I've passed through this stage. I lived in a country where these things happened seriously.

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Roman Polanski Foto
Roman Polanski9
cineasta franco-polaco 1933

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Ingmar Bergman Foto

„I liked Truffaut a lot, I've felt a lot of admiration for his way to address the audience, and his storytelling…. La nuit américaine is adorable, and another film I like to see is L'enfant sauvage, with its fine humanism.“

—  Ingmar Bergman Swedish filmmaker 1918 - 2007

On the works of filmmaker Francois Truffaut
Variant translation: I liked Truffaut enormously, I admired him. His way of relating with an audience, of telling a story, is both fascinating and tremendously appealing. It's not my style of storytelling, but it works wonderfully well in relation to the film medium.
Jan Aghed interview (2002)

Warren Farrell Foto

„Playing with dad is like being on a roller coaster—kids are excited because they feel safe.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943

Fuente: The Boy Crisis (2018), pp. 142

Alexis De Tocqueville Foto

„The whole life of an American is passed like a game of chance, a revolutionary crisis, or a battle.“

—  Alexis De Tocqueville, libro La democracia en América

Fuente: Democracy in America, Volume I (1835), Chapter XV-IXX, Chapter XVIII.

Emma Donoghue Foto
Werner Herzog Foto
Arnold Vosloo Foto
Werner Herzog Foto

„Someone like Jean-Luc Godard is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good kung fu film.“

—  Werner Herzog German film director, producer, screenwriter, actor and opera director 1942

Herzog on Herzog (2002)

„I don't like playing politics, I don't like having bosses and being told what to do, I don't like competition, I have no desire to manage other people, so I've instinctively avoided or quickly left any places that were even remotely maze-like.“

—  Wei Dai Cryptocurrency pioneer and computer scientist

In a discussion thread https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/a8wjKNSGCPSzdWMMa/how-to-escape-from-immoral-mazes#tggw3zpPyuGgrAttt on LessWrong, January 2020

Jürgen Klopp Foto

„He likes having the ball, playing football, passes. It's like an orchestra. But it's a silent song. I like heavy metal.“

—  Jürgen Klopp German association football player and manager 1967

Klopp comparing his team's style of play to Arsène Wenger's Arsenal.
Fuente: 14 of the best Jurgen Klopp quotes: Top of the Klopps http://www.espnfc.com/blog/the-toe-poke/65/post/2402760/14-of-the-best-jurgen-klopp-quotes-top-of-the-klopps

Dave Matthews Foto
Daniel Tosh Foto
Roberto Clemente Foto

„Many people tell me I wanna play like Weelie. I no play like Mays. From little boy up, I always play like thees. I always wanna run fast, to throw long and heet far.“

—  Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player 1934 - 1972

Attempting to differentiate himself from his onetime mentor, as quoted in "Clemente Realizes Boyhood Ambitions To Pain of Hurlers" http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/33482707/ by Rudy Cernkovic (UPI), in The Terre Haute Star (Tuesday, May 24, 1960), p.9
Baseball-related, <big><big>1960s</big></big>, <big>1960</big>

Kurt Vonnegut Foto

„They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.“

—  Kurt Vonnegut American writer 1922 - 2007

Cold Turkey (2004)
Contexto: Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their morale, like so many bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.

Ron White Foto

„People seem to think that if they dress like a revolutionary, they don't actually have to behave like one.“

—  Banksy pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, and painter

Cut It Out (2004)
Fuente: Wall and Piece

Haruki Murakami Foto
Laura Dern Foto
Sallust Foto

„Yet many human beings, resigned to sensuality and indolence, un-instructed and unimproved, have passed through life like travellers in a strange country.“

—  Sallust Roman historian, politician -86 - -34 a.C.

Original: (la) Sed multi mortales dediti ventri atque somno, indocti incultique vitam sicuti peregrinantes transiere.
Fuente: Bellum Catilinae (c. 44 BC), Chapter II

John Mulaney Foto

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