„O dream on your black wings
you come when I am sleeping.

Sweet is the god but still I am
in agony and far from my strength.

for I had hope (none now) to share
something of the blessed gods,

nor was I so foolish
as to scorn pleasant toys.

Now may I have
all these things.“

—  Safo, Fragment 63 Voigt

 Safo Foto
poetisa griega. -624 - -569 a.C.

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„My name is Linus Torvalds and I am your god.“

— Linus Torvalds Finnish-American software engineer and hacker 1969
As quoted in: Young, Robert; Goldman Rohm, Wendy (1999), Under the Radar: How Red Hat Changed the Software Business – and Took Microsoft by Surprise, p. 111 Jokingly introducing himself, at the 1998 Linux Expo in Durham, North Carolina

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„I am sure it was not my faith, but it was God in His compassion coming to help me in that hour of need.“

— Smith Wigglesworth British evangelist 1859 - 1947
Page 34 Describing his first healing service, healing 15 people after delivering a sermon unprepared.

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