„We have built illusions round us and see no way out of the glass forest.“

The Glass Forest (1986)
Contexto: Plato would have no actors in his republic, in case pretence devoured what was real. Plato's fears have proved well-grounded. Actors, despised, almost outcast, until last century, have become something more than respectable. They, together with all those imitation actors, pop stars, TV celebrities, people who are famous for being famous, now receive adulation. They are the millionaires, the courtesans of our system. Solzhenitsyn, escaping to a West he had once admired, snarled at the meretricious falsity of what he found. We have built illusions round us and see no way out of the glass forest.

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Brian Aldiss Foto
Brian Aldiss5
escritor de ciencia ficción británico 1925 - 2017

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Alain de Botton Foto
Teal Swan Foto
Bill Mollison Foto
Paulo Coelho Foto

„And the best way to know who we are is often to find out how others see us.“

—  Paulo Coelho Brazilian lyricist and novelist 1947

Fuente: The Witch Of Portobello

„Granting that an illusion may have its uses, it can only be of service so long as we do not know it to be an illusion.“

—  Chapman Cohen British atheist and secularist writer and lecturer 1868 - 1954

p. 96 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89009314162&view=1up&seq=100
Determinism or Free-will? (1912)

Mumia Abu-Jamal Foto
Laura Anne Gilman Foto

„The painful truth is that while we might have the illusion, none of us are free.“

—  Laura Anne Gilman, libro Flesh and Fire

Fuente: Flesh and Fire (2009), p. 304

Sauli Niinistö Foto

„Do we have to let every tree stay up and rot in the way that all our forests will turn into impassable thickets that are nicely called virgin forests? And just in order to ensure that every furniture beetle and cockroach can live a diverse and happy life. We the Finns are close to nature but why would we conserve so much that we run out of bread?“

—  Sauli Niinistö 12th president of Finland 1948

Niinistö, the leader of the National Coalition Party, criticised the Natura 2000 environmental protection programme on 17 May 1997.
Fuente: Niinistö haukkui Natura 2000 -ohjelman "Miksi suojelisimme leivän suustamme?" http://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000003625116.html Helsingin Sanomat. 18 May 1997. Retrieved 13 July 2017.

„Whatever we experience in our day, whatever we hope to learn, whatever we most desire, whatever we set out to find, we see that the Greeks have been there before us, and we meet them on their way back.“

—  Thomas Cahill American scholar and writer 1940

Fuente: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter (2003), Ch.VII The Way They Went: Greco-Roman Meets Judeo-Christian

Lee Evans Foto
Patti Smith Foto

„The present enables us to understand the past, not the other way round.“

—  A.J.P. Taylor Historian 1906 - 1990

Mon the Rangers
The Trouble Makers: Dissent over Foreign Policy, 1792-1939 (1957)

Baba Hari Dass Foto

„The world is an abstract art. We see it as we want to see it. It is a garden of roses and it is also a forest of thorny bushes and poison oak.“

—  Baba Hari Dass master yogi, author, builder, commentator of Indian spiritual tradition 1923 - 2018

Fuente: Ashtanga Yoga Primer, 1981, p.20

Raymond Carver Foto
Peter F. Hamilton Foto
Denise Levertov Foto

„All that we can say, looking at the avocado pit, is that whatever swallowed it must have been big. As big as those fossil skeletons staring out at us from behind the dusty glass of museum cases.“

—  Roger Swain American television personality 1949

p. 14 https://books.google.com/books?id=UutGAAAAYAAJ&focus=searchwithinvolume&q=big
Field Days: Journal of an Itinerant Biologist (1983)

Joanna Newsom Foto

„Now the towns and forests, highways and plains,
fall back in circles like an emptying drain.
And I won't come round this way again,
where the lonely wind abides,
and you will not take my heart, alive.“

—  Joanna Newsom American musician 1982

You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
Divers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divers_(Joanna_Newsom_album) (2015)

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