„Give the opponents more than one reason to stare at your feet.“

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Lionel Messi5
futbolista argentino 1987

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Carl Hayden Foto

„Never give your enemies any more reason than they already have to go on hating you.“

—  Carl Hayden American federal politician 1877 - 1972

Johnson, James W. (2002). Arizona Politicians: The Noble and the Notorious, illustrations by David `Fitz' Fitzsimmons, Tucson: University of Arizona Press. pp 149-150. ISBN 0-8165-2203-0.

Lee Child Foto
J. M. Barrie Foto

„Never ascribe to an opponent motives meaner than your own.“

—  J. M. Barrie Scottish writer 1860 - 1937

Rectorial Address, St. Andrew's (3 May 1922)

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Sam Harris Foto
Ashot Nadanian Foto
Dante Alighieri Foto

„Love and the gracious heart are a single thing…
one can no more be without the other
than the reasoning mind without its reason.“

—  Dante Alighieri, libro Vita Nuova

Amore e 'l cor gentil sono una cosa...
e così esser l'un sanza l'altro osa
com'alma razional sanza ragione.
Fuente: La Vita Nuova (1293), Chapter XVI (tr. Mark Musa)

Hiro Mashima Foto
Karl Kraus Foto

„Keep your passions in check, but beware of giving your reason free rein.“

—  Karl Kraus Czech playwright and publicist 1874 - 1936

Half-Truths and One-And-A-Half Truths (1976)

S.L.A. Marshall Foto

„The enemy, no more willing to be shot than was his opponent, was rarely seen, only fleetingly if at all.“

—  S.L.A. Marshall United States Army general and Military historian 1900 - 1977

Introduction. p. 3.
Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command (1947)

Zeno of Citium Foto
John Gray Foto

„Caring about your self as it will be in the future is no more reasonable than caring about the self you are now.“

—  John Gray, libro Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals

The Vices of Morality: A weakness for prudence (p. 105)
Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (2002)

Jean Chrétien Foto

„The public is moved by mood more than logic, by instinct more than reason,“

—  Jean Chrétien 20th Prime Minister of Canada 1934

Fuente: Straight From The Heart (1985), Chapter Three, The Business Of politics, p. 67
Contexto: A successful politician must not only be able to read the mood of the public, he must have the skill to get the public on his side. The public is moved by mood more than logic, by instinct more than reason, and that is something that every politician must make use of or guard against

William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield Foto

„Tut, man, decide promptly, but never give any reasons for your decisions. Your decisions may be right, but your reasons are sure to be wrong.“

—  William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield British judge 1705 - 1793

When asked by an army officer, appointed governor of a west Indies island and who had no experience in law, how to apply the law. Quoted by John Cordy Jeaffreson in A Book About Lawyers http://books.google.com/books?id=lUpqPJSlBS8C&q="tut+man+decide+promptly+but+never+give+any+reasons+for+your+decisions+your+decisions+may+be+right+but+your+reasons+are+sure+to+be+wrong"&pg=PA85#v=onepage, Volume 1 (1867).

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Mahavatar Babaji Foto

„I only came here to give.
If you come to doubt, I'll give you every reason to doubt. If you come suspicious, I'll give you every reason to be suspicious. But if you come seeking Love, I'll show you more love than you've ever known.“

—  Mahavatar Babaji Hindu Yogi

Haidakhan Babaji, as quoted in "The legend of Herakhan Baba", by Dio Urmilla Neff in Yoga Journal, No. 32 (May-June 1980), p. 53; Haidakhan Babaji's claims to be Mahavatar Babaji/Hariakhan Baba are disputed by the Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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