„Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers.“

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Matt Groening6
guionista estadounidense 1954

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„It's so overwhelming. It's almost better than winning the lottery, because you worked for it. It's like something you want all your life, but you never thought it would happen, and all of a sudden it did.“

—  Ronnie Coleman American bodybuilder 1964

On his reaction being named the top professional bodybuilder in the world — reported in Nancy Kruh (October 3, 1999) "Ronnie Coleman- Nobody messes with this Arlington cop, a.k.a. Mr. Olympia", The Dallas Morning News, p. 1E.

Cecil Rhodes Foto

„… you are an Englishman, and have subsequently drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life.“

—  Cecil Rhodes British businessman, mining magnate and politician in South Africa 1853 - 1902

said by Rhodes to Lord Grey. [Lewis, Michell, The Life and Times of the Right Honourable Cecil John Rhodes 1853-1902, Volume 2, 178, New York and London, Mitchell Kennerly, 1910, http://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc2.ark:/13960/t5m90j14v?urlappend=%3Bseq=194]
Often quoted in variant forms such as "To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life".

Chris Martin Foto

„It does something to your brain which is odd… you have to work really hard not to be a real d**k (in personal life).“

—  Chris Martin musician, co-founder of Coldplay 1977

http://www.rte.ie/amp/613168/ source
Martin on being a lead singer.

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Langston Hughes Foto
Rachel McAdams Foto

„You really don’t have a life when you’re working.“

—  Rachel McAdams Canadian actress 1978

"Rachel McAdams Interview – Married Life at Collider (6 March 2008) http://www.collider.com/entertainment/article.asp/aid/7200/cid/13/tcid/1
Contexto: You really don’t have a life when you’re working. I always think "oh, I’m gonna see everybody on my days off. I’m gonna read so many books and see so many films" and then three months go by...

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Teal Swan Foto
Jessica Alba Foto

„I am a born builder. I grew up pretty fearless with an understanding that if you want something in life, you have to be creative in going about achieving it. You’re not always going to have an easy path to success, but if it’s important enough you’ll figure out a way to make it work.“

—  Jessica Alba American model, free-diver and businesswoman; TV and film actress 1981

On being driven even at an early age in “Jessica Alba on Being Brave, Dealing With Self-Doubt and Overcoming Major Breakdowns” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/315948 in Entrepreneur (2018 Jun 29)

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Cat Deeley Foto

„The thing about dancers is they're a certain breed. You don't do it to become rich and famous, you don't do it to have a really long career or to be the star, you do it because you can't imagine your life not doing it.“

—  Cat Deeley English television presenter, actress, singer and model 1976

"'So You Think You Can Dance' Shaking Things Up For Season Nine" at MTV News (24 May 2012) http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1685776/so-you-think-you-can-dance-season-nine.jhtml

Aron Ra Foto
Aron Ra Foto
Oprah Winfrey Foto

„Life is about becoming more of who you really are….“

—  Oprah Winfrey American businesswoman, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist 1954

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Heidi Klum Foto

„My philosophy is that, in life, you have to want something. If you just say "la-la-la" and go through life without a goal, nothing will happen.“

—  Heidi Klum German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and actress 1973

Quoted by Eric Thurnauer for Stuff Magazine (November/December 1998)

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