„If a rat is a good model for your emotional life, you're in big trouble.“

— Robert Sapolsky


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 Banksy Foto

„You can win the rat race but you're still a rat.“

—  Banksy pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, and painter 1974

Michael Leboeuf Foto
Bob Marley Foto
Tim Burton Foto
Neil Young Foto
Dr. Seuss Foto
Ashley Purdy Foto
Nelson Algren Foto
Michael Jackson Foto
Adlai Stevenson Foto

„We must not burn down the house to kill the rats.“

— Adlai Stevenson mid-20th-century Governor of Illinois and Ambassador to the UN 1900 - 1965
Context: The whole notion of loyalty inquisitions is a national characteristic of the police state, not of democracy. The history of Soviet Russia is a modern example of this ancient practice. I must, in good conscience, protest against any unnecessary suppression of our rights as free men. We must not burn down the house to kill the rats. Voicing opposition to the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950

John Muir Foto

„The world's big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.“

— John Muir Scottish-born American naturalist and author 1838 - 1914
attributed to Muir by Linnie Marsh Wolfe, Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir (1945), page 331

Tupac Shakur Foto
Billy Corgan Foto

„Despite all my rage
I am still just a rat in the cage.“

— Billy Corgan American musician, songwriter, producer, and author 1967

Arthur Conan Doyle Foto
Henri Matisse Foto
Berenice Abbott Foto