„A thing can be true and still be desperate folly, Hazel.“

—  Richard Adams, libro La colina de Watership

Fuente: Watership Down

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Richard Adams3
1920 - 2016

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„Hazel, Hazel, blue of eye. Kissed the boys and made them cry“

—  Holly Black, libro The Darkest Part of the Forest

Fuente: The Darkest Part of the Forest

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„True, but the strength of god is mightier still,
And oft, in direst strait,
It lifteth from the lowest depths of ill
Him who, with cloud-veiled eyes, was desperate.“

—  Aeschylus ancient Athenian playwright -525 - -456 a.C.

Original: (el) Ἔστι· θεοῦ δ᾽ ἔτ᾽ ἰσχὺς καθυπερτέρα·
πολλάκι δ᾽ ἐν κακοῖσι τὸν ἀμάχανον
κἀκ χαλεπᾶς δύας ὕπερθ᾽ ὀμμάτων
κρημναμενᾶν νεφελᾶν ὀρθοῖ.
Fuente: Seven Against Thebes (467 BC), lines 226–229 (tr. Anna Swanwick)

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Rick Riordan Foto
Rick Riordan Foto
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„Marriage is a desperate thing.“

—  John Selden English jurist and scholar of England's ancient laws and constitution, and of Jewish law 1584 - 1654

Table Talk (1689)

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„But it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.“

—  Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862 American poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist 1817 - 1862

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„People still insist on things like holistic healing and things that have no real basis in evidence because they want it to be true—it’s as simple as that.“

—  Stephen Fry English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist 1957

"Last Chance to Think" Interview (2010) by Kylie Sturgess in Skeptical Inquirer. Vol 34 (1)
Contexto: The powers of the placebo are so strong that it may be morally wrong to call homeopathy a lie because the moment you say it then a placebo falls to pieces and loses its power. I am a great believer in double-blind random testing, which is the basis of all drug testing. People still insist on things like holistic healing and things that have no real basis in evidence because they want it to be true—it’s as simple as that. If you’re dying of cancer or very, very ill, then you’ll cling to a straw. I feel pretty dark thoughts about the kind of people who throw straws at drowning, dying men and women, and I’m sure most of us would agree it’s a pretty lousy thing to do. Some of these people perhaps believe in the snake oil they sell or allow themselves to believe in it. That’s why James Randi is so good, because he knows what magicians know: if you do a card trick on someone, they will report that it was unbelievable, they describe the effect the magician wanted, and they miss out all the steps in between that seemed irrelevant because the magician made them irrelevant, so they didn’t notice them. People will swear that a clairvoyant mentioned the name of their aunt from nowhere, and they will be astonished if you then play a recording that shows that thirty-two names were said before the aunt’s name, none of which had any effect on them. That’s because they wanted to hear their aunt’s name; they wanted the trick to work, so they forgot all the failures in the same way as people forget all their dreams that have no relevance to their lives, but they mark when they dream of someone they haven’t met for ages that they see the next day. I would be astounded if everyone had coincidences like that—yet people say that is somehow closed-minded of me!

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„Even things that are true can be proved.“

—  Oscar Wilde, libro El retrato de Dorian Gray

Fuente: The Picture of Dorian Gray

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„Where lives the man that has not tried
How mirth can into folly glide,
And folly into sin!“

—  Walter Scott Scottish historical novelist, playwright, and poet 1771 - 1832

Bridal of Triermain, canto i. Stanza 21.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

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„It’s a record that I still can play to this day, and still hear new things.“

—  John Lydon English singer, songwriter, and musician 1956

The Kate Bush Story (2014)
Contexto: My favourite album by her is The Dreaming, and I think she produced that one herself. That got a lot of criticism — but I loved it. It was overloaded with textures, and tones and all manner of things. It’s a record that I still can play to this day, and still hear new things.

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