„What do you do there, moon, in the sky? Tell me what you do, silent moon. When evening comes you rise and go contemplating wastelands; then you set.“

Giacomo Leopardi Foto
Giacomo Leopardi10
poeta, filósofo y escritor italiano 1798 - 1837

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Albert Einstein Foto

„Do you really believe that the moon isn’t there when nobody looks?“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

John Basedow Foto

„Don't tell me what I should do until you show me what you can do.“

—  John Basedow TV Health and Fitness Personality
[Basedow, John, Fitness Made Simple : The Power to Change Your Body, the Power to Change Your Life, 2008, McGraw-Hill, New York, 0071497080, 49]

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„Faith is about what you do. It's about aspiring to be better and nobler and kinder than you are. It's about making sacrifices for the good of others-- even when there's not going to be anyone telling you what a hero you are.“

—  Jim Butcher, libro Changes
The Dresden Files, Changes (2010), Context: Harry Dresden: But there were some things I believed in. Some things I had faith in. And faith isn’t about perfect attendance to services, or how much money you put on the little plate. It isn’t about going skyclad to the Holy Rites, or meditating each day upon the divine. Faith is about what you do. It’s about aspiring to be better and nobler and kinder than you are. It’s about making sacrifices for the good of others—even when there’s not going to be anyone telling you what a hero you are. Chapter 26

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„It's bullshit, what the hell do they want me to do? The sport is going down. It's not even worth competing, because you do all the work for a year and you don't get what you deserve.“

—  Iris Kyle American bodybuilder 1974
Sourced quotes, 2004, 2004-01-01 Iris sees red.(Iris Kyle finishes second at Ms. Olympia)(Brief Article) Flex Internet http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-111506207.html

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George Marshall Foto

„I don't want you fellows sitting around asking me what to do. I want you to tell me what to do.“

—  George Marshall US military leader, Army Chief of Staff 1880 - 1959
To his staffers, as quoted in General of the Army : George C. Marshall, Soldier and Statesman (1991) by Ed Cray, p. 591

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