„I love to lose myself in other men's minds.“

—  Charles Lamb, Last Essays of Elia

Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading.
Last Essays of Elia (1833)

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Charles Lamb8
1775 - 1834

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„I hold my own mind and think apart from other men.“

—  Aeschylus, Agamemnon

Original: (el) δίχα δ' ἄλλων μονόφρων εἰμί
Fuente: Oresteia (458 BC), Agamemnon, line 757

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„I loved but once, yet twice I lose my love!“

—  Edmond Rostand French writer 1868 - 1918

Roxane, Act 5, Sc. 6
Cyrano de Bergerac (1897)

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„Man’s greatest joy is to revere other men, or to put it less extravagantly, to recognize other men above himself, and to love and be loved by these men.“

—  Paul de Lagarde German polymath, biblical scholar and orientalist 1827 - 1891

Es ist das höchste Glück des Menschen, anzubeten, oder, milder gesagt, andre Menschen über sich anzuerkennen, die er liebt und die ihn lieben.
Paul de Lagarde: Erinnerungen aus seinem Leben für die Freunde zusammengestellt (1894), S. 40
as cited in The Politics of Cultural Despair (1961), p. 29

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„Because I loved myself, I was loved.“

—  Erica Jong Novelist, poet, memoirist, critic 1942

Becoming Light: Poems New and Selected (1991)

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„I love myself.“

—  Peter Levi writer, archaeologist, sometime Jesuit priest 1931 - 2000

Monologue spoken by the pet canary of Pope Pius XII

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„Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defenses of peace.“

—  U Thant 3rd Secretary-General of the United Nations 1909 - 1974

"Buddhism and the Charter" in Religion and International Affairs (1968) edited by Jeffrey Rose and Michael Ignatieff, p. 114

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