„Art’s something you choose to make … it’s a bringing together of … of everything around you into something that makes you more human, more khepri, whatever. More of a person.“

—  China Miéville, libro Perdido Street Station

Fuente: Perdido Street Station (2000), p. 82

China Miéville Foto
China Miéville2
escritor de fantasía británico 1972

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„We also have a fundamental right to not carry a pain that we did not choose. Whether you’re born black or gay or a woman or Jewish, you didn’t choose it. You have to be the person in charge of it saying your story, again and again. When it is something you are forced to recount, there’s something violent about it…“

—  Édouard Louis French writer 1992

On being able to control your own story in “AUTHOR ÉDOUARD LOUIS SAYS THE UNSAYABLE” https://www.interviewmagazine.com/culture/edouard-louis-bam-st-annes-warehouse-the-end-of-eddy-a-history-of-violence in Interview Magazine (2019 Nov 13)

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