„Loads of children read books about dinosaurs, underwater monsters, dragons, witches, aliens, and robots. Essentially, the people who read SF, fantasy and horror haven't grown out of enjoying the strange and weird.“

China Miéville Foto
China Miéville2
escritor de fantasía británico 1972

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Neil Gaiman Foto

„The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to teach them to read, and to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity. And that means, at its simplest, finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books, and letting them read them. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad book for children.Every now and again it becomes fashionable among some adults to point at a subset of children's books, a genre, perhaps, or an author, and to declare them bad books, books that children should be stopped from reading…It's tosh. It's snobbery and it's foolishness. There are no bad authors for children, that children like and want to read and seek out, because every child is different. They can find the stories they need to, and they bring themselves to stories. A hackneyed, worn-out idea isn't hackneyed and worn out to them. This is the first time the child has encountered it. Do not discourage children from reading because you feel they are reading the wrong thing. Fiction you do not like is a route to other books you may prefer. And not everyone has the same taste as you.Well-meaning adults can easily destroy a child's love of reading: stop them reading what they enjoy, or give them worthy-but-dull books that you like, the 21st-century equivalents of Victorian "improving" literature. You'll wind up with a generation convinced that reading is uncool and worse, unpleasant.“

—  Neil Gaiman English fantasy writer 1960

Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming (2013)

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Philip K. Dick Foto

„I started reading SF when I was about twelve and I read all I could, so any author who was writing about that time, I read. But there's no doubt who got me off originally and that was A. E. van Vogt.“

—  Philip K. Dick American author 1928 - 1982

As quoted in "Vertex Interviews Philip K. Dick" by Arthur Byron Cover, in Vertex, Vol. 1, no. 6 (February 1974) http://2010philipkdickfans.philipkdickfans.com/frank/vertexin.htm
Contexto: I started reading SF when I was about twelve and I read all I could, so any author who was writing about that time, I read. But there's no doubt who got me off originally and that was A. E. van Vogt. There was in van Vogt's writing a mysterious quality, and this was especially true in The World of Null A. All the parts of that book did not add up; all the ingredients did not make a coherency. Now some people are put off by that. They think that's sloppy and wrong, but the thing that fascinated me so much was that this resembled reality more than anybody else's writing inside or outside science fiction. … reality really is a mess, and yet it's exciting. The basic thing is, how frightened are you of chaos? And how happy are you with order? Van Vogt influenced me so much because he made me appreciate a mysterious chaotic quality in the universe which is not to be feared.

Annie Barrows Foto

„Reading good books ruins you for enjoying bad books.“

—  Annie Barrows, libro The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Fuente: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

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Helene Hanff Foto
Bertrand Russell Foto

„There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.“

—  Bertrand Russell logician, one of the first analytic philosophers and political activist 1872 - 1970

1930s, The Conquest of Happiness (1930)

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Stephen Chbosky Foto
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Clive Staples Lewis Foto

„I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once.“

—  Clive Staples Lewis Christian apologist, novelist, and Medievalist 1898 - 1963

Letter to Arthur Greeves (February 1932) — in They Stand Together: The Letters of C. S. Lewis to Arthur Greeves (1914–1963) (1979), p. 439

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Joanne Harris Foto
Sören Kierkegaard Foto
Warren Buffett Foto

„I just read and read and read. … I have always enjoyed reading.“

—  Warren Buffett American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist 1930

Rules for success

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Brandon Mull Foto

„Most people worth knowing enjoy reading.“

—  Brandon Mull, Grip of the Shadow Plague

Fuente: Grip of the Shadow Plague

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