„Ela acreditava em anjo e, porque acreditava, eles existiam" | "She believed in angels, and, because she believed, they existed“

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Clarice Lispector110
1920 - 1977

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„She didn’t have to believe the technology existed. She only had to believe that people believed the technology existed. People, being stupid, believed all sorts of things.“

—  Adam Roberts British writer known for speculative fiction and parody novels; literature and writing academic 1965
Part 2, Chapter 4, “The Mystery of the Champagne Supernovae” (p. 128).

John Vanbrugh Foto

„As if a woman of education bought things because she wanted 'em.“

—  John Vanbrugh English architect and dramatist 1664 - 1726
The Confederacy, Act II, sc. i.

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„She did not really want to know; she believed she understood already.“

—  Philip K. Dick American author 1928 - 1982
Chapter 5 (p. 53)

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„She worked for the villain and believed in the villain, but she ain’t the villain.“

—  Ken Kesey novelist 1935 - 2001
Context: I was performing The Sea Lion in the Newport Performing Arts Center. Afterwards a white-haired old woman approached me and said, Hey, you remember me? I looked her over, and I knew I remembered her, but had no idea who she was. She said, Lois. It still didn’t click. She said, Lois Learned, Big Nurse, and I thought, Oh my God. She was a volunteer at Newport, long since retired from the nursing business. This was the nurse on the ward I worked on at the Menlo Park hospital. I didn’t know what to think and she didn’t either, but I was glad she came up to me. I felt there was a lesson in it, the same one I had tried to teach Hollywood. She’s not the villain. She might be the minion of the villain, but she’s really just a big old tough ex-army nurse who is trying to do the best she can according to the rules that she has been given. She worked for the villain and believed in the villain, but she ain’t the villain.

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„She always wanted to believe in things.“

—  Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go

Matthew Prior Foto

„Till their own dreams at length decive 'em,
And oft repeating, they believe 'em.“

—  Matthew Prior British diplomat, poet 1664 - 1721
Alma, Canto III, l. 13 (1718).

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