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Alfred Edward Housman

Fecha de nacimiento: 26. Marzo 1859
Fecha de muerte: 30. Abril 1936
Otros nombres:A. E. Housman,آلفرد ادوارد هاوسمن


Alfred Edward Housman fue un poeta y erudito clásico inglés. También firmaba sus obras como A. E. Housman.

Frases Alfred Edward Housman


„Nature, not content with denying to Mr — the faculty of thought, has endowed him with the faculty of writing.“

— A.E. Housman
From a list of insults drafted by A E Housman, and posthumously published in Laurence Housman's A. E. H. (1937) pp. 89-90. The name was left blank in the original, but was intended to be filled in and used when a suitable subject should turn up.

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