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Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Fecha de nacimiento: 26. Enero 1953


Anders Fogh Rasmussen es un político danés, primer ministro de su país entre los años 2001 y 2009. Desde agosto de 2009 hasta octubre de 2014 fue el secretario general de la OTAN.[1]​

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Frases Anders Fogh Rasmussen

„I was deeply distressed that the cartoons were seen by many Muslims as an attempt by Denmark to mark and insult or behave disrespectfully towards Islam or Mohammed.“

— Anders Fogh Rasmussen
In relation to the Danish cartoon affair (6 April 2009)


„I often use Sweden as a discouraging example to promte a free and open debate and maintain a strict immigration policy.“

— Anders Fogh Rasmussen
A. Fogh Rasmussen, in Sveriges Television 2016 program Toppmötet interviwed by Fredrik Reinfeldt, second episode. Youtube clip (in Danish)

„It could never happen in Denmark, Danish people are much more calm than those further south.“

— Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Asked about the killing of 4 protestors by the police in Albania during anti-government protests (7 February 2011)

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