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Arthur Rubinstein

Fecha de nacimiento: 28. Enero 1887
Fecha de muerte: 20. Diciembre 1982


Arthur Rubinstein, KBE fue un pianista polaco-estadounidense de origen judío, célebre por sus interpretaciones de Chopin y de muchos otros compositores. Fue nombrado por The New York Times como uno de los grandes pianistas del siglo XX.

Frases Arthur Rubinstein


„…in his fingers he has more skill than any of the rest of us.“

—  Arthur Rubinstein
Attributed, Rubinstein remarking on a performance by Maurizio Pollini — reported in Joanne Sheehy Hoover (March 13, 1981) "Captain Of the Keyboard", The Washington Post, p. C1.

„I'm a free person; I feel terribly free. They could put me in chains and I still would be free because my thoughts would be mine - and that's all I want to have.“

—  Arthur Rubinstein
Quoted from a 1977 interview by Robert MacNeil in the documentary Rubinstein at 90 — reported in Alan M. Kriegsmen (January 26, 1977) "The Magic of Rubinstein ...", The Washington Post, p. B7.

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„My father, good or bad, mistakes or no, had a direct line from his heart to the music to the people, to the audience. He played with logic and his own inner truth.“

—  Arthur Rubinstein
About, John Rubinstein — reported in Kevin Kelly (February 22, 1981) "Rubinstein a Chip Off Rubinstein: John Says His Father's Music Shaped His Approach to Acting", Boston Globe.

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