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B. J. Vorster

Fecha de nacimiento: 13. Diciembre 1915
Fecha de muerte: 10. Septiembre 1983


Balthazar Johannes Vorster conocido como John Vorster o B. J. Vorster , fue un político y jurista sudafricano, primer ministro y presidente del país.

Nació en Jamestown, representante de la minoría blanca afrikáner , partidario de la segregación racial, conocida como apartheid, que en su gobierno la reforzó aún más, llevó a cabo detenciones e impuso drásticas medidas de seguridad frente a los negros, como la condena a prisión y la cadena perpetua de Nelson Mandela.

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Frases B. J. Vorster

„... the policy of separate development can be tested by any unprejudiced person against the requirements of Christianity and morality, and it will be found to meet all those requirements.... for conditions such as those in South Africa there is no other policy[, for without it] you will have chaos and ultimately bring about the downfall of all population groups here in South Africa. South Africa's problems are unique and South Africa has chosen its solution.... we, the Whites, the Coloureds, the Asians and the Bantu, will work out our own solutions here in South Africa.... we instituted the policy of separate development, not because we considered ourselves better than others, not because we considered ourselves richer or more educated than others. We instituted the policy of separate development because we said we were different from others. We prize that otherness and are not prepared to relinquish it.... We have our land and we and we alone will have author­ity over it. We have our Parliament and in that Parliament we and we alone will be represented; that is why [during] this past session it was my pleasant privilege to... abolish Coloured representation in Parliament; and it has been abolished once and for all.... but one should also put something in its place. That is why the National Party... for the first time [has given] the Coloureds in the Republic a Coloured Persons Representative Council in their own political area [where they] can exercise their political rights in their own way and by their own people. That is morality, that is policy, that is standpoint.... We said you may not attend my university, but we did not leave it at that. We said we shall give you a university of your own. We said you may not attend my school but we said we shall give you a school of your own. That is morality, that is Christianity...“

—  John Vorster
John Vorster in his Heilbron speech on 16 August 1968, as quoted in

„The government will not be intimidated. Orders have been given to maintain order at all costs.“

—  John Vorster
On 18 June 1976 to parliament after the Soweto riots, as quoted in Down with Afrikaans - Oakes, D. (ed.), 1988. Illustrated history of South Africa – The real story, Reader’s Digest: Cape Town,

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