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Boy George

Fecha de nacimiento: 14. Junio 1961


George Alan O'Dowd, más conocido como Boy George , es un cantante, músico, diseñador de moda y DJ británico que alcanzó un alto nivel de fama con su grupo Culture Club en los años 1980.

Frases Boy George

„Madonna is "a living, breathing cash register".“

— Boy George
The London Evening Standard, 20 February 2006:


„I'm not gay, and I'm not a transvestite.“

— Boy George
London newspaper, 1984 At other times he has characterized himself as "bisexual", "very confused", "not confused", and "not really all that keen on sex".

„Jail's like school but you can't leave.“

— Boy George
[ Boy George: 'Jail's like school but you can't leave'],, 12 October 2010

„Hello, I'm Boy George, and you are watching RBTV. Come out of the closet, all you students - we want you!“

— Boy George
RBTV (Rainier Beach High School TeleVision in Seattle), 1996 ([ youtube clip])

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