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David Draiman

Fecha de nacimiento: 13. Marzo 1973


David Michael Draiman es un cantante estadounidense, líder de la banda de heavy metal Disturbed y de Device, de Chicago, Illinois. Nació en una familia judía ortodoxa.

Es uno de los seis artistas que participaron en la banda sonora de la película Queen of the Damned, junto con Jonathan Davis de KoRn, Wayne Static de Static-X, Jay Gordon de Orgy, Chester Bennington de Linkin Park, y Marilyn Manson. Se distingue por su voz distorsionada y estilo de canto rítmico; figura en el puesto número 42 en la clasificación de los 100 mejores vocalistas de la historia del Heavy Metal "Hit Parader" [1]​

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„I think that labels are foolish in not using the Internet, instead of being afraid of it. I think that if AOL Time Warner were smart enough, they'd enter into a contract agreement with their own company — AOL — and agree on one thing: They have the ability to track anywhere that a message comes from, no matter what service you're signed up with, via an IP address. You just make sure that whenever a song is downloaded by somebody utilizing your server, whether it's AOL, or Mindspring, or anybody else, you access a minimal charge for these downloads. It could be 75 cents or a dollar, a dollar-fifty… This way, at least you're making money off it. At least this way the people who are supposed to be making money off the product still can, as well. It still gives people the opportunity to go ahead and download as much as they want. It's a standard fee for doing a service, or for having a service available to them. They'll do it, and at the end of the month, they'll have their AOL statement, or their Mindspring statement, and it will have their download tax added onto the bill. And it will keep on going. The labels don't think of this. It seems like I've been talking about this to deaf ears on this topic for the last five years. Before we even got signed, I was talking about this. It's just preposterous to me that labels, for the most part, are the reasons for their own demise. They're just so stuck in this old way of thinking, and unfortunately, the good elements of their old way of thinking have all gone away. They don't spend enough time developing artists, they throw a whole bunch of shit against the wall and wait for something to stick, and when it doesn't, they let it fall off.“

—  David Draiman
Disturbed's David Draiman Offers 'Solution' To Illegal Music Downloading,, 11 July 2003)

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