Frases de Eileen Goudge

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Eileen Goudge

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Frases Eileen Goudge

„Besos desesperados que hablaban de finales, más que de comienzos“ Garden of Lies

„Why was it that the only choices that truly mattered were the ones you felt least prepare to make?“

„Looking at him now, she saw a study in contrasts. Someone who was kind and loyal but who could also be stubborn and intractable; who was his own man but also your typical man from Mars; who was always there for her but who had a tendency to hold back when showing his own emotions; who was forgetful at times but who never forgot was was most important. In short, someone who wasn't perfect but perfect for her, because of rather than in spite of his flaws.“ The Replacement Wife

„Friends! It is only when the cold season comes that we know the pine tree and the cypress to be evergreens, and friends are known in adversity.“ Golden Lilies

„muddy water is often made clear if allowed to stand still.“ Golden Lilies

„He did not want his son to be all for present success, as the American, or to be all for tradition, as is the Englishman, but he thought the two might find a happy meeting place in a mind not yet well formed.“ Golden Lilies

„a heart that is busy cannot mourn“ Golden Lilies

„in life, certain choices are like dying. Final, with no hope of ever turning back. You simply have to get through it with as much grace as you can muster.“ Thorns of Truth

„jungle seemed to leap out at Brian in a Technicolor“ Garden of Lies

„For fifty years I plodded through the vale of lust and strife, Then through my dreams there flashed a ray of the old sweet peaceful life. No scarlet-tasseled hat of state can vie with soft repose; Grand mansions do not taste the joys that the poor man’s cabin knows. I hate the threatening clash of arms when fierce retainers throng, I loathe the drunkard’s revels and the sound of fife and song; But I love to seek a quiet nook, and some old volume bring Where I can see the wildflowers bloom and hear the birds in spring.“ Golden Lilies

„My firstborn, Michael, nearly died in his first moments of life, and he was sickly for some weeks after. I recall clearly those anxious days, peering into his incubator. I remember aching to hold him, and yet, superstitiously, I feared that if I made that connection, if I dared to love him more than I already did, he would be snatched from me.“ Golden Lilies

„The snake charmer should not touch the serpents before his child’s eyes, knowing that the child will try to imitate him in all things.“ Golden Lilies

„on the wall outside. And this friend of hers, this“ Garden of Lies

„You cannot speak of the ocean to a well frog, nor sing of ice to a summer insect. She will not understand.“ Golden Lilies

„as poison that reaches the blood spreads through the body, so does the love of gossip spread through the soul of woman.“ Golden Lilies

„The written word for the trouble is two women beneath one rooftree, and I greatly fear that the wise man who invented writing had knowledge that cost him dear. Perhaps he, too, had a daughter-in-law.“ Golden Lilies