Frases de Ira Levin

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Ira Levin

Fecha de nacimiento: 27. Agosto 1929
Fecha de muerte: 12. Noviembre 2007

Ira Levin fue un escritor de suspense estadounidense.

„Sex, yes; sexism, no.“ The Stepford Wives

„Anyone who needs more than one suitcase is a tourist, not a traveler“ Rosemary's Baby

„Being happy or unhappy - is that really the most important thing? Knowing the truth would be a different kind of happiness - a more satisfying kind, I think, even if it turned out to be a sad kind.“ This Perfect Day

„You're not going to get any true confessions out of me," she said. "I'm a Leo, and our thing is changing the subject.“ The Stepford Wives

„That’s what she was, Joanna felt suddenly. That’s what they all were, all the Stepford wives: actresses in commercials, pleased with detergents and floor wax, with cleansers, shampoos, and deodorants. Pretty actresses, big in the bosom but small in the talent, playing housewives unconvincingly, too nicey-nice to be real.“ The Stepford Wives

„Like so many unhappinesses, this one had begun with silence in the place of honest open talk.“ Rosemary's Baby

„You are only partly alive.“ This Perfect Day

„could anyone know when an actor was true and not acting?“ Rosemary's Baby

„Anyone who needs more than one suitcase,” he said as he double-locked their door, “is a tourist, not a traveler.“ Rosemary's Baby

„Better to live in doubt than to die in certainty.“ A Kiss Before Dying

„Bread now, or cake later“ A Kiss Before Dying

„philosophers have warned us: if we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat it.“ The Boys from Brazil

„They were confident and cunning. They weren't mucking around looking for nuclear weapon secret sloppy seconds in America. They could care less about America. They were busy with the whole world domination thing.“ The Boys from Brazil

„Someday, he thought, I would like to meet a monster who looked like a monster.“ The Boys from Brazil

„A chance to sit quietly and find out who you are; where you've been and where you're going.“ Rosemary's Baby

„They never stop, these Stepford wives. They something something all their lives. Work like robots. Yes, that would fit. They work like robots all their lives.“ The Stepford Wives

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