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Ireneo de Lyon

Fecha de nacimiento: 130
Fecha de muerte: 202


Ireneo de Lyon, conocido como San Ireneo , fue obispo de la ciudad de Lyon desde 189. Considerado como el más importante adversario del gnosticismo del siglo II. Su obra principal es Contra las Herejías.

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„It is not necessary to seek truth among others which it is easy to obtain from the Church.“

—  Irenaeus
Book 3, Chapter 4. From Readings in World Christian History (2013), pp. 58-99.

„For the glory of God is the living man, and the life of man is the vision of God.“

—  Irenaeus
Book 4, Chapter 34, Section 7;view=1up;seq=231. Often mistranslated as "The glory of God is man fully alive" (see The context of the passage is: "And for this reason did the Word become the dispenser of the paternal grace for the benefit of men, for whom He made such great dispensations, revealing God indeed to men, but presenting man to God, and preserving at the same time the invisibility of the Father, lest man should at any time become a despiser of God, and that he should always possess something towards which he might advance; but, on the other hand, revealing God to men through many dispensations, lest man, falling away from God altogether, should cease to exist. For the glory of God is a living man; and the life of man consists in beholding God. For if the manifestation of God which is made by means of the creation, affords life to all living in the earth, much more does that revelation of the Father which comes through the Word, give life to those who see God."

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