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Jack White

Fecha de nacimiento: 9. Julio 1975


Jack White es un músico multiinstrumentista, productor, y actor estadounidense conocido por ser el guitarrista y cantante de la banda de rock The White Stripes y por su capacidad de improvisación en directo. También es miembro de las bandas The Raconteurs y The Dead Weather. En 2012, White publicó Blunderbuss, su primer álbum de estudio. Lazaretto, su segundo álbum, se lanzó en 2014. En marzo de 2018 publicó su último trabajo, Boarding house reach.

Durante los años 1990 White participó en varias bandas under de Detroit mientras trabajaba en una tapicería. En 1997, White formó The White Stripes con su ex esposa Meg White. La banda, luego de su tercer álbum, White Blood Cells, creció en popularidad y fue aclamada por la crítica por sus siguientes álbumes. Jack apareció en el puesto número setenta en la lista de «Los 100 mejores guitarristas de todos los tiempos» de la revista Rolling Stone. La popularidad de la banda le dio a White la oportunidad de trabajar como solista con renombrados artistas como Loretta Lynn Beck, The Rolling Stones, y Bob Dylan. En el 2005, White fue uno de los fundadores del grupo The Raconteurs.

White ha aparecido en películas como actor o en simples cameos y ha compuesto música para las películas Cold Mountain, James Bond, Quantum of Solace , y El gran Gatsby .

Frases Jack White

„I'm always surprised when anything about the band connects. But I love the fact that it's hard for people to understand. We've said before that it's always been a great thing to get certain people to go away thinking, 'Oh dear, she can't play the drums!' 'Fine, if you think it's all a gimmick, go away!' It weeds out people who wouldn't care anyway.“

— Jack White
On how they are able to "sell what is really an art concept" to a mass audience Perry, Andrew (2004). [,13887,1349947,00.html "The White Stripes uncut"] Observer Music Monthly (accessed June 19, 2007).

„Is this some kind of fucking radio promotion? What the fuck is this? Let me just say that if whatever said radio station tries to blacklist us for my comments about their balloons, I would like them to know I want a written apology tomorrow for interrupting my song.“

— Jack White
AT The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California after some balloons bearing a radio station's logo floated on stage. Chonin, Neva (2005). [ "White Stripes huge but not bloated"] (accessed June 19, 2007)


„Every time there's a list of the 100 greatest records of all time, all those albums were recorded in two days. Hardly any of them took a year, I'll tell you. In this day and age, I think it's important that people know that.“

— Jack White
On why they recorded Elephant in two weeks Perry, Andrew (2004). [,13887,1349947,00.html "The White Stripes uncut"] Observer Music Monthly (accessed June 19, 2007).

„I wasn’t prepared. He had a big Mercedes, with a custom sound system, and he drove like hell through Nashville traffic, with Slim Harpo at defcon 1 volume.“

— Jack White
Ry Cooder, music producer Wilkinson, Alec (March 13, 2017), [ "JACK WHITE’S INFINITE IMAGINATION"]. The New Yorker. Retrieved March 6, 2017.

„I have three dads: my biological father, God and Bob Dylan.“

— Jack White
From the article A Mysterious Case of the White Stripes from Rolling Stone Magazine.


„It seemed like there was no control over it. I think certain things just popped. God was blessing us in telling us that certain things were going the way they were supposed to go.“

— Jack White
Perry, Andrew (2004). [,,1349947,00.html "The White Stripes uncut"] (accessed June 6, 2006) On why 2004 was, up to that point, the best year of his life

„I see him becoming one of the greatest record producers there is.“

— Jack White
Loretta Lynn, after working with White on her album Van Lear Rose Male, Andrew (July 2007). "The Mojo Interview", MOJO. (164):48

„Well that's a polite thing to say but that's fucking ridiculous.“

— Jack White
White's thought when his neighbor and mentor, Brian Muldoon, predicted that White would one day "take his music somewhere" Male, Andrew (July 2007). "The Mojo Interview", MOJO. (164):48

„It'll sometimes hit me in the middle of a song, like, who do I think I am standing up here... playing.“

— Jack White
On having a calling to stand on stage and perform to people—as a priest or as a musician Marc Maron (June 8, 2012). "[ Jack White]". WTF With Marc Maron. Season 2. Episode 289. 21:48 minutes in.

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