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Kancha Ilaiah

Fecha de nacimiento: 5. Octubre 1952

Kancha Ilaiah es un activista social y escritor indio. Es presidente del departamento de ciencias políticas en la Universidad de Osmania, budista y una figura importante en el movimiento ideológico contra el sistema de castas indio. Su posición es a menudo llamado anti-hindú, como se ha señalado por sus críticos. Wikipedia

„The fight for rights and assertion is almost over. Now the fight is for intellectual equality, and that is where everything becomes controversial or problematic for upper castes.“

—  Kancha Ilaiah

Quoted in "Caste discrimination: Invisible but omnipresent" in The Indian Express (01 February 2016)

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„How do you change ancient prejudices in any society? You do it through repositioning caste at childhood. If young children are taught respect over a bedtime story or in class, that could help enormously“

—  Kancha Ilaiah

Quoted in "One Man Takes Aim At Prejudice With Storybook" at The Washington Post (20 January 2008)

„Buddhism today is a dalitist religion and Hinduism is a brahminic religion with oppositional spiritual positions about human equality and man-woman relations.“

—  Kancha Ilaiah

"Chinese lesson for RSS" in Deccan Chronicle (05 May 2015)

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