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Karel Appel

Fecha de nacimiento: 25. Abril 1921
Fecha de muerte: 3. Mayo 2006

Christiaan Karel Appel, conocido como Karel Appel fue un pintor neerlandés, miembro fundador del grupo CoBrA. Wikipedia

Frases Karel Appel

„The Cobra group started new, and first of all we threw away all these things we had known and started afresh, like a child — fresh and new. Sometimes my works look very childish, or childlike, schizophrenic or stupid, you know. But that was the good thing for me. Because, for me, the material is the paint itself. The paint expresses itself. In the mass of paint, I find my imagination and go on to paint it.“

—  Karel Appel

Quoted in: 'Karel Appel, Dutch Expressionist Painter, Dies at 85', by Margalit Fox, in 'Art & Design', New York Times May 9, 2006
Quote of an oral history in 'Contemporary Artists' - Karel Appel describes the wild artistic urgency that gave rise to the Cobra artist-group

„.. people always talk about painting, because basically painting does not talk.“

—  Karel Appel

Karel Appel defines his painting', interview 1968

„Of course, I painted before Cobra, as afterwards. Each one of us [CoBrA-artists] had his own personality. Cobra is only a very short period of my life. It was like a crossroads. We crossed paths and each continued on his way.... We [artists] are not born to form groups. A group that lasted for too long would destroy the creative activity of its members.“

—  Karel Appel

Quote of Appel in an interview with fr:Michel Ragon, 1963; as quoted in; Karel Appel, a gesture of colour, Jean-François Lyotard, (original French text of 1992 based upon intensive correspondence with Karel Appel), Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Herman Parret; University Press, Leuven, Belgium, 2009, p. 105
fr:Michel Ragon asked Appel: 'Without Cobra, would you have been what you are today?'

„.. at least fifty [gouaches painted in complete dark], one after another. Then I made a light, a candle, and I picked them up and turned them around, as I couldn't see a top or a bottom. I finished them off as I felt fit, a bit more white or a red spot [in his studio in Amsterdam, in 1947“

—  Karel Appel

Quote from a talk in 1990 with Rudi Fuchs; in 'Appel, about growing older'; as quoted by Frank van der Ploeg, in 'The Low Countries'. Jaargang 12(2004)

„Pollock... I also feel
like an erupting volcano.“

—  Karel Appel

ATV, 187; p. 167
Karel Appel, a gesture of colour' (1992/2009)

„[artists are people] who employ matter between birth and death. Matter is something to use, not possess.“

—  Karel Appel

Karel Appel – the complete sculptures,' (1990) not-paged

„When you get older as a painter and you've got the opportunities, the talent and the good fortune and have been provided with everything for getting old, then it's fantastic, because the same brushstroke that you put down is more mature and more poignant than it was when you were young.“

—  Karel Appel

Quote from a 1995 interview with Rudi Fuchs; in 'Appel, about growing older'; as quoted by Frank van der Ploeg, in 'The Low Countries'. Jaargang 12(2004)

„I am afraid of a new barbarism which is killing
man's freedom.“

—  Karel Appel

ATV 179; p. 151
Karel Appel, a gesture of colour' (1992/2009)

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