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Leon Max Lederman

Fecha de nacimiento: 15. Julio 1922


Leon Max Lederman es un físico y profesor universitario estadounidense galardonado con el Premio Nobel de Física del año 1988 por sus trabajos sobre los neutrinos.

Frases Leon Max Lederman


„That's the eureka moment, when suddenly you know something. Your hands sweat, you get into all kinds of symptoms of tremendous excitement. First of all, it's fear. Is it right? And it's incredible humor. 'How could it be any other way? It had to be that way! How could we have been so stupid, not to see this?“

— Leon M. Lederman
June 27, 1992 Las Vegas, Nevada interview with Lederman. [ From Subatomic World Explorer, as noted on American Academy of Achievement web site] (URL accessed on October 20, 2008)

„Particle physics suffers more from being infected by the socio-political mood of the day than from lack of spectacular opportunities for major and profound discoveries.“

— Leon M. Lederman
Remark by Lederman during 2002 interview. [ "Future of the field calls for charisma and courage" Kurt Riesselmann, FermiNews Volume 25, June 28, 2002, Number 11]

„Science is not about status quo. It’s about revolution.“

— Leon M. Lederman
The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? (1993), p. 193

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